Pandawa Beach Bali, a Secret Beach which is no longer a secret

Pandawa Beach Bali, a Secret Beach which is no longer a secret

In the past, Pandawa Beach Bali was known as one of the hidden beach paradises on the island of Bali. But now the situation has changed. The beauty of this beach has been widely exposed. And every day, Pandawa Beach is visited by many tourists.

At first, the Caucasians who came to this place dubbed the Pandawa Beach Bali by the name of Secret Beach. Meanwhile, local people call it Kutuh Beach, according to the location of the beach which is part of the Kutuh Village area.

The nickname as Secret Beach for Bali’s Pandawa Beach is indeed in accordance with its very hidden location. The existence of this beach is indeed covered by quite high cliffs. On the other hand, the existence of the cliff also makes Pandawa Beach another attraction.

Upon entering Pandawa Beach, visitors will be greeted by the presence of the Five Pandavas statue. The statues were made as representations of members of the Five Pandavas in the Mahabharata story. The five Pandavas figures are Yudhisthira, Bima, Arjuna, Nakula and Sahadeva.

Not only has beautiful cliffs, Pandawa Beach also has a wide stretch of white sand. This beach is also known for having calm waves. Suitable for swimming locations. Or if you want, you can also relax on the beach by renting a lounge chair which is pegged at a rate of 50 thousand rupiah.

Not only that, travelers who come to this place can also do canoeing activities. There is also a canoe rental service that has a capacity for two people. One canoe can be rented at a rate of 50 rupiah per hour. The rate includes a life jacket for safety. If you want to play canoe yourself, there is also a single canoe with a rental of 25 thousand rupiah per hour.

In addition, photo hunting is also mostly done by Pandawa Beach visitors. Especially here, there are many very interesting photo spots. What’s more, Pandawa Beach has become the choice of many FTV shooting locations. Not infrequently also prospective bridal couples who hold pre-wedding photos here. No wonder, because this beach is indeed very beautiful with white sand beaches bordered by natural limestone walls.

Location of Bali Pandawa Beach

Pandawa Beach is located in Kutuh Village which is part of South Kuta District, Badung Regency. This beach is approximately 18 kilometers from Ngurah Rai International Airport.

The road to Bali’s Pandawa Beach

The location to Bali’s Pandawa Beach is an area that is quite prone to traffic jams. So don’t be surprised if the trip to this location is quite long, it can take 1 hour of travel. One of the congestion points that must be passed when visiting this place is GWK Jimbaran. Plus, the path that is passed is also quite winding. If you want it to be easy, just use the services of a driver there.

Bali Pandawa Beach entrance ticket

Travelers visiting Pandawa Beach will be charged an entrance fee of 8 thousand rupiah per person. This fee does not include parking fees. If you bring a motorbike, you will be charged a parking fee of 2 thousand rupiah. Meanwhile, if you visit this place by car, you will be charged a parking fee of 5 thousand rupiah.

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