Cak Ri Singaraja

Angkringan Cak Ri Singaraja with Jogja’s Typical Rice – Cat rice is a type of food that is characteristic of Yogyakarta. The price is cheap, making cat rice a choice when hungry in a tight bag condition. The good news, you can not only find cat rice menus while on vacation to Jogja. When visiting Bali, you can also find a place that provides a menu of cat rice, one of which is Angkringan Cak Ri Singaraja.

Cak Ri Singaraja
Cak Ri Singaraja

Angkringan Cak Ri in Buleleng Regency seems to give the impression of a contemporary dining place at a cheap price – not much different compared to angkringan in Solo or Yogyakarta. When visiting this place, tourists can find a very friendly cat rice menu with bag conditions. At the same time, you can also find rows of contemporary menus that are no less tasty.

Angkringan Cak Ri is a place to eat aimed at the youth segment. For that, you will find a very cheerful atmosphere during a visit to this cheap place to eat in Bali. The design of the place to eat is quite simple, in the form of an open area that is closed using a canopy. The existence of the chandelier as a means of lighting, making the atmosphere of the cafe look so beautiful.

Heading to the location of the dining table, Angkringan Cak Ri Buleleng you will find a fairly normal seat for a cheap cafe. The seat is a wooden table. However, to give a different impression, you will find unique graffiti painted on the surface of the table. The combination of a beautiful table and a comfortable semi-open space, Angkringan Cak Ri is a cool hangout for young people.

Cheap menu options at Angkringan Cak Ri Singaraja

As already stated, Angkringan Cak Ri strives to offer dining experiences at angkringan in Solo or Yogyakarta. You can find a portion of white rice that can be obtained only at a price of Rp 3 thousand. Regarding the choice of side dishes, you can find dishes that suit your taste. The choice of side dishes include quail satay, satay tofu petis, lung satay, tripe satay, intestine satay, or meat curry satay, which is pegged at prices ranging from Rp. 2,000 to Rp. 5,000.

In addition to the rice cat menu, Angkringan Cak Ri Buleleng also provides a contemporary menu, also at a cheap price. You can taste geprek chicken rice, mozarella geprek chicken rice, mozarella potatoes, fried ice cream, soto claw, and others. These menus, you can eat at a price of less than Rp. 20 thousand per serving. In addition, you can also order fried foods such as spring rolls, marinated tempeh, corn omelette, potato cakes, and so on.

Location of Angkringan Cak Ri Bali

Angkringan Cak Ri can be found by visiting the address Jl. Ahmad Yani Number 192, Kaliuntu, Buleleng. The location of this shop is very close to the center of Singaraja City, only about 5 minutes drive from the City Park. In addition, you can also find various tourist attractions which are not far from Angkringan Cak Ri.

This cheap, contemporary food stall is only around 2.8 km from Buleleng Harbor. You can also find Batu Sungu Beach which can be reached simply by walking from the angkringan location. Do not miss, there is the Struggle Monument that you can visit while hanging out in this angkringan.

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