Palapa Bali Grand Mosque

Palapa Bali Grand Mosque On Near GWK – Finding places of worship for Muslims can be a time-consuming job while in Bali. This condition is indeed very common, considering that Bali is not Java Island which is dominated by Muslim communities. However, that does not mean you will have difficulty in finding a mosque that is close to tourist attractions. If you are around the GWK Statue, there is a magnificent mosque called the Great Mosque of Palapa Bali.

Palapa Bali Grand Mosque
Palapa Bali Grand Mosque

The location is close to various tourist attractions. When visiting this mosque, you will find a large building of worship. Existing facilities in the mosque are also able to make visitors who are worshiping can feel comfortable.

Magnificent Architecture Design in the Great Mosque of Palapa Bali

Palapa Great Mosque building has a simple building design but offers a magnificent impression. The simplicity is seen in the mosque’s architectural design that was intentionally built with an open design. You will not find any wall covering around the building. Instead, you will find several large pillars that support the roof of the mosque.

The design of the building which was deliberately made with no walls. Gives the impression that the Great Mosque of Palapa looks broad. In addition, you can also perform the prayer comfortably because it gets a cool atmosphere. With a breeze that can be felt directly. It’s just that you will feel a very cold atmosphere if you stop by the Great Mosque of Palapa at night.

At the front, you will find a poleng motif or black and white box that colors the outside of the mosque. Meanwhile, on the roof, the Palapa Great Mosque uses an architectural design. In the form of a pyramid roof which is a roof design that is often found in mosque. Buildings in Java that have been acculturated with Hindu culture.

Palapa Bali Grand Mosque
Palapa Bali Grand Mosque

The Facilities

Regarding the available facilities, Palapa Great Mosque provides comfort for visitors. Palapa Great Mosque is often used as a resting place for Muslim tourists. Who come from various regions in the archipelago. When visiting this mosque, you don’t need to worry about the availability of parking areas. The manager of the mosque has provided a large enough open land that is useful as a parking area.

The cleanliness of the mosque is also well maintained. You can find the ablution area which is accompanied by many water taps. The availability of large amounts of water tap, making the pilgrims who want to pray simultaneously. Do not need to queue for too long when taking ablution. After praying in congregation, you can spend time by resting in a mosque that has a design like this pavilion.

Palapa Great Mosque which Becomes a Form of Religious Tolerance

The existence of Palapa Great Mosque which is close to Dreamland Beach and GWK. Has indeed become a solution for Muslim tourists when looking for places of worship. However, the existence of this mosque is also a symbol that religious tolerance in Bali is still well maintained. Moreover, not far from the Palapa Great Mosque there are church buildings that are intended respectively for Catholics and Protestants.

For tourists who want to find the existence of the Great Mosque of Palapa, can find it on Jl. Pecatu Indah Resort, Pecatu, Ungasan, Kecamatan Kuta Selatan. The location is only a distance of about 6.2 km from the GWK statue. Meanwhile, Dreamland Beach is approximately 4 km from the location of the mosque. Very strategic, right?

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