Bulung Kuah Pindang

Bulung Kuah Pindang, Balinese Seaweed Cuisine

Balitraveldiary.com – The Balinese have traditional food made from seaweed. This dish is popularly known as boiled broth bulung. Bulung is a local designation for seaweed. In general, there are several types of seaweed commonly consumed by the community, including Gracillaria sp., Caulerpa spp., And Eucheuma cottonii. For pindang broth, seaweed used is a type of Kappaphycus alvarezii.

Bulung Kuah Pindang
Bulung Kuah Pindang

This type of seaweed has an elongated body morphology with a diameter of 1-5 millimeters. In fresh conditions, this type of seaweed has a slightly reddish dark green color.

After being processed, Kappaphycus alvarezii seaweed, which will be used as boiled soup, will be white and green. The green one is obtained from the results of soaking using whiting for half an hour.

Meanwhile, white seaweed is produced through a process of repeated drying for several days, accompanied by a drying process. Both types of seaweed are then boiled in boiling water for about 10 minutes. After that, the seaweed is drained.

Pindang sauce for this food is made from fish stew mixed with bay leaves, lemongrass, and a little salt. Fish that are usually used include tuna, tuna, or sardines (lemuru). If you use sardines, the resulting boiled broth will be more turbid in color and have a stronger aroma.

Bulung Kuah Pindang
Bulung Kuah Pindang

For seasoning, grilled shrimp paste, salt, ginger, and large cayenne pepper (chili parrot) are used. All of this material is pulverized roughly, then doused with boiled gravy.

When served, seaweed is given salt, grated coconut, and lime juice. Afterwards, seaweed is doused with herbs that have been mixed with boiled gravy.

As a complement, usually given a sprinkling of tolo nuts, peanuts, or soy beans that have been fried dry. Serious seaweed serving with spicy savory broth suitable to be a friend to relax and enjoy leisure time.

Bulung Pindang sauce is easily found in many locations, such as around Denpasar City. This food is usually served with some other Balinese dishes, such as Cantok Cantok, Serombotan, and Rujak Buleleng.

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