Luku Kitchen

Luku Kitchen Seminyak, Burger and Burrito Dishes – When vacationing in Bali, tourists need not be confused in finding a place to eat. Dining options that can be found are also very diverse, ranging from traditional food to western style culinary. Lulu Kitchen Seminyak can be an option if you are a burger lover. At the same time, Lulu Kitchen also offers a burrito menu that is quite delicious as a booster when hungry.

Luku Kitchen
Luku Kitchen

The burger and burrito menu that you can get at Lulu Kitchen is quite cheap. This eating place also had a boom some time ago. It’s just that Lulu Kitchen’s virus is not related to its reputation as a cheap place to eat. The viral story is related to the love story of Lulu Kitchen’s owner, Nur Khamid, who successfully married a beautiful Caucasians. The story of the virus, making a lot of tourists who are interested in visiting.

Cheap Menu at Luku Kitchen Seminyak which is Suitable for Employees’ Pockets

There is nothing special in the atmosphere of the Lulu Kitchen dining area. The interior design of this food stall is quite simple with walls painted in blue. Luku Kitchen Floor is also quite ordinary, accompanied by a ceramic floor. Even so, the atmosphere in the Luku Kitchen room is always kept clean. With its cleanliness, visitors can eat comfortably.

The table setting is also quite comfortable. You can find tables that are arranged like in fast food restaurants. From the dining table, visitors can directly watch the kitchen area, where employees prepare various menus that are ordered and ready to be served. As a sweetener, you will find a menu on the wooden chalkboard.

The main menu that you can find at Lulu Kitchen Bali is of course a burger. The interesting thing about the burger menu in this place is its unique naming. Lulu Kitchen deliberately uses the names of several tourist attractions in Bali as menu names, such as Uluwatu, Padang-Padang, or Shampooing. The naming, according to Lulu Kitchen, is an effort to promote Bali tourism.

In addition to the burger menu, you can also find other menus in the form of burritos. Presentation of the burrito is done in conjunction with a row of salads. In addition, you can also order additional menus in the form of french fries, coffee, beer, and others. The menu presentation is done in a unique way, using wooden trays that display an ethnic feel. The price of food that you can get is also quite cheap.

Lulu Kitchen has a very long opening time. You can choose to order breakfast menu at this shop, because it is open from 07.30 to 22.30 local time. For breakfast menu choices, you will find a menu made from wheat. Prices of various menus at Lulu Kitchen, on average, are set with a tag of around Rp. 30 thousand.

Luku Kitchen Bali Location

You can find this burger and burrito shop at Jl. Plawa Number 18c, Seminyak, Kuta. The location of this shop is quite striking with its strategic location, flanked by soto ayam shops and tailors. You can find Luku Kitchen outlets from Jl. Seminyak or Jl. Sunset Road.

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