t's the choice of new tourist destinations that you can get when on vacation to Karangasem in East Bali.

Karangasem Peselatan Beach, Cool Location for Sunset

Balitraveldiary.com – Mount Fuji became the main icon of Japan. Well, if your vacation to Bali, you can also find views of mountains that are no less majestic and beautiful with Mount Fuji, namely Mount Agung. The mountain which is known as the highest mountain in Bali has indeed become its own charm on the island of a thousand temples.

Many tourists who want to capture a photo together with the mountain is said to be the residence of these gods. A small number of tourists have the courage to climb to the top. However, the majority of tourists who vacation in Bali, choose to take a moment to take pictures with the background of Mount Agung.

One location that is now a stopover for tourists to get an exotic view of Mount Fuji from Bali is Pesasatan Karangasem Beach. Although both are in Karangasem, this beach is still less popular when compared to Amed Beach. However, the beautiful scenery in the Peselatan, making its popularity continues to increase.

Black Sand Beach with a Calm and Quiet Atmosphere on the East Bali Peselatan Beach

Peselatan Beach is a relatively quiet beach. Tourism visits to this place are still low. Conversely, Peselatan Beach is used by the Karangasem community as a location for sea salt production. In addition, you will also find a crowd of residents who are doing a procession of religious ceremonies at Peselatan Beach.

At first glance, this beach may seem to have no special features. Moreover, Peselatan Beach is a beach that has black sand. However, Peselatan Beach has a characteristic because it has a long coastline. In addition, the existence of Mount Agung that looks magnificent, is now an extra attraction that makes tourists interested in coming to Peselatan Beach.

The tourists who come to Peselatan Beach often choose the time of visit in the afternoon or morning. In the morning, you can find a panorama of sunrise coming from the east. In the afternoon, the phenomenon of the sun rising in the west gives its own sensation. Moreover, the view is combined with the splendor of Mount Agung as the highest mountain in Bali.

When enjoying the sunset and sunrise views on Peselatan Beach, you can also do it calmly. You can choose to relax in the soft black sand beach. The beaches are also clean and have pretty calm waves. Furthermore, you can choose to try swimming activities on the beach.

How to get to Karangasem Peselatan Beach

You can find Peselatan Beach when you visit Labasari or Bebayu Merita villages. The location is close to Amed Beach and Bulakan Beach. If from Amed, you can continue the journey to the north to get to Peselatan Beach. Access to transportation that can be used is also easy, can be reached using a motorized vehicle.

That’s the choice of new tourist destinations that you can get when on vacation to Karangasem in East Bali. The existence of this beach can be considered as another destination that you can visit besides Amed Beach or Lempuyangan Temple. Guaranteed, you will not regret when visiting and hunting cool photos of Mount Agung in this place.

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