Hideout Hotel Bali

Hideout Hotel Bali – Eco friendly Bamboo Hotels

Balitraveldiary.com – Bali Hideout Hotel, as the name suggests this hotel is indeed located under the foot of Mount Agung. Which is indeed far from crowded housing. Architectural materials using materials from nature, namely bamboo. That way, this hotel also offers a natural atmosphere that is also friendly to the surrounding environment. Plus, its location away from the crowd makes your stay at one with nature.

Hideout Hotel Bali
Hideout Hotel Bali

All buildings and properties in the house are made of bamboo. Bali Hideout Hotel has two floors. On the first floor, it contains a gathering room and kitchen, while on the second floor there is a bedroom equipped with a large triangular window that allows you to see the natural surroundings when you open your eyes.

There is a river in front of your house with clear water that you can use to your heart’s content. Bali Hideout Hotel also has pets like dogs and cats that are ready to accompany you to play. For those of you who want to yoga, it is certain that you will linger. The atmosphere is calm and you will only be accompanied by the sound of birds and crickets and the gurgling water typical of the surrounding forest.

Suitable for those of you who want to ‘escape’ from the fatigue of daily activities and want to feel the cool stay in the forest. Cool and fresh air can make you relax for a moment from fatigue. If you want to stay overnight and still want to use your cellphone, you are advised to charge it fully and bring electricity to your own cellphone.

Room Choices and Rates Stay at Hideout Hotels in Bali

Hideout consists of only one building. Shaped like a house that has one bedroom with two beds (king bed size and a bed on the floor). There is also a hammock. There is only one outdoor bathroom with a sky roof, and only three walls and inside the bathroom there are some plants that make you feel like you are bathing in the middle of nature.

Facilities at Bali Hideout Hotel

The facilities provided really support you to live in the foothills that are not touched by the world of technology. There is no television, refrigerator, or wifi, there is only a Hydroelectric Power Plant (PLTA) that supports electricity for the Hideout dwelling.

But there are still other facilities that will make you comfortable during your stay at Hideout. Permitted to bring pets, available kitchen, and intercom. There are even stacks of books that you can read to accompany or musical instruments that you can play with friends.

For food, you can cook by yourself or if you want other food you can contact the waiter who lives not far from Hideout who is ready to help you. Wayan, Hideout’s servant is known for his hospitality and lightheartedness in helping you.

There are things that you really need to pay attention to when you spend the night in this place. That is, regarding the rules forbidding smoking. This is done to maintain the beauty of the place and minimize fires. The Hideout cost per night is around 1.5 million.

Location and Attractions near Bali Hideout Hotel

The hotel is located on Jalan Jangu, Selat, in Karangasem Regency. Bali Hideout Hotel is also not far from Mount Agung. This becomes very important, especially if you are interested in climbing activities to the highest mountain on the island of Bali.

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