Vacation to Waterbom Bali

5 Important Tips for a Family Vacation to Waterbom Bali – Making Bali as a family tourism destination is the right choice. Here, you can find many selected destination options. Well, for a choice of family vacation spots, Waterbom is an attractive vacation location. Moreover, Waterbom is one of the best water amusement rides in Indonesia and the world.

Vacation to Waterbom Bali
Vacation to Waterbom Bali

Here, you can find many exciting water games. In total, you can find 13 options for water slide games that have a variety of shapes and terrain. The existence of various facilities, makes Waterbom better compared to other water parks in the world.

To make a visit to Waterbom feel satisfying, you need to make a thorough preparation. Moreover, Waterbom entrance tickets are very expensive. An adult ticket at this place was pegged with a tag of Rp535 thousand. Meanwhile, children between 2 and 11 years old are charged an entrance ticket of Rp327 thousand.

1. Prepare the right clothes and comfortable

When visiting Waterbom Bali, you need to prepare the right type of clothing. Avoid using t-shirts because they can inhibit movement while in the pool. Also avoid wearing clothes that are accompanied by zippers, because it has the potential to damage the surfboard and skin. The type of clothing recommended for visitors is swimwear that has a soft and lightweight texture. You can choose to wear a swimsuit made from lycra or nylon.

2. Come in the morning

This tourist spot is open from 9 am to 6 pm. Let the holiday experience in this place be satisfied, you can choose to come in the morning. In addition, a visit in the morning is also very easy for you when you want to find a vehicle parking location. Parking area in Waterbom Bali is very limited. By coming in the morning, you can first try a variety of popular game rides in Waterbom without the need to queue.

3. Try to eat before entering Waterbom

So that vacation activities while in Waterbom can be done with satisfaction, you also need to consider eating first. However, you also need to avoid consuming too much food, because it can make you vomit while trying various winding water games in Waterbom.

As in other waterparks, visitors are also not allowed to bring their own food from outside. The solution when hungry is to go to the food court area that is in the vehicle. It’s just that the price of food in the food court is much more expensive compared to food in other places. So, try to save money by eating out first, yes.

4. Use sunscreen

Don’t forget to apply sunblock before entering Waterbom. The purpose of using sunscreen is so that your skin does not burn and turn darker in color. At the very least, you need to apply sunscreen 20 minutes to 30 minutes before plunging into the water. Try to choose a sunscreen product SPF 50+.

5. Store valuable materials in the locker

The last and no less important tip is related to the storage of valuables. When visiting Waterbom, avoid the habit of storing valuables in vehicles, because it is very prone to missing. Instead, you can choose extra facilities by renting a locker. If you come with your family, you can choose a family locker that has more capacity.

Well, those are 5 tips that you need to consider when choosing a vacation to Waterbom Bali. By applying these tips, you can get a pleasant vacation experience and can play to your heart’s content. Have a nice vacation!

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