The phenomenon of Joged Bumbung, a Balinese Traditional Dance that is Now Abused – Bali has a reputation as an area that upholds culture so highly. Therefore, art and culture in Bali is growing rapidly. Here, you can find works of art and culture in various forms, including dance. In fact, not a few traditional Balinese dance works have been recognized as world cultural heritage by UNESCO.

One of the traditional dances that has a status as a world cultural heritage is the Joged Bumbung. However, there is a sad phenomenon that needs serious attention regarding the existence of this traditional dance. This phenomenon is the presence of some people in the community who often perform this dance in a perverted and erotic (sorry) way.

The Phenomenon of the Joged Bumbung Erotic Dance in Bali

The impression of perverted is currently so attached to this traditional art. As proof, it is not uncommon for every dance event to be filled with mashers. This condition is exacerbated by the perverted behavior of the dancers. In practice, roof dancers are used to attracting the attention of visitors to dance together in the middle of the arena.

The habit of inviting visitors to dance together is common among roof dancers. It’s just that, by default, the invitation is only a temptation. Even if there are visitors who participate, the dance is still done with polite movements. However, this condition is much different in the practice of the perverted dancers.

The unscrupulous roof dancers often use lewd movements. Not infrequently, the movements shown are movements like people (sorry) having sex. This of course is quite worrying. Moreover, not a few children participated in seeing this traditional dance performance.

Therefore, the Government of Bali had the initiative to prohibit the implementation of the Bubung dance performance. However, these efforts are still not enough. Not infrequently, traditional dances that are misused into dirty dances are performed secretly. Suddenly, this made the image of this traditional dance deteriorate.

The Origins of Balinese Joged Bumbung

In its original grip, the Bubung dance is a positive type of traditional dance. Its existence can be traced since the 1940s, and is used as a social dance. At that time, this dance became a means of entertainment for farmers who were tired after working all day in the fields. In practice, the dancers often invite the farmers who are watching to participate.

The dancer who usually performs the roof dance is a woman, who shows agile and dynamic movements. In practice, the Bubung dance is often accompanied by musical accompaniment from gamelan and musical instruments made of bamboo. There is no specific story that is the feature of this dance performance. It’s just that, in general, Balinese dance puts forward ethics in every performance.

Therefore, at this time the Balinese people continue to try to restore the joged roof in its original grip. This is important, to be able to eliminate the impression as a porn dance that has developed in the wider community. Moreover, this dance was deliberately created not for obscene elements, but purely as entertainment.

That way, the image of Bali, which is famous for its rich culture, is not tarnished by the actions of irresponsible people. You don’t want Indonesia to have a bad name in the eyes of the international community, right?

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