Pergasingan Lombok Hill – There are many natural attractions that can be visited when you visit Lombok. Such as Bukit Pergasingan Lombok. Hilly tourism may sound like it has a lot of dead corners. But on this hill you will find many uniqueness that is not commonly found in other tourist attractions.

Pergasingan Lombok Hill
Pergasingan Lombok Hill

The island next to the Island of the Gods, Bali also has many interesting places to visit. One of them is Pergasingan Hill which has now become a Nature Tourism Park. Which has been visited by many local and foreign tourists.

Attraction Pergasingan Hill in Lombok

Bukit Pergasingan Lombok is surrounded by majestic Mount Rinjani. The view is still very green coupled with the rice fields of Sembalun Village residents. That look colorful when viewed from high above. Nature that is still green and beautiful certainly has cool air typical of the mountains.

This hill can be climbed with a normal climbing time of about 2.5 hours. This Pergasingan hill, until now is famous as a training ground before climbing on Mount Rinjani. This right height, now used a variety of extreme sports that are much popular.

Usually, tourists will start climbing in the early morning to catch the beautiful sunrise from behind Mount Rinjani. However, if you come during the day. You don’t need to worry because there is still a sunset that is no less beautiful than the sky that adorns the sky.

If you decide to stay overnight, make sure to wear thick clothes because the temperature at night reaches 13 degrees Celsius. For tourists who bring supplies are not enough, no need to worry because in the hilltop region there are springs. This spring is very close and only needs to go down a bit and it is recommended to be careful because the path is a bit steep.

Activities that can be done in Bukit Pergasingan Lombok

Besides admiring the beauty of nature that is still green, you can do various kinds of activities, such as camping. While waiting for the sunrise and sunset behind the mountains in front of the hill, you can do camping activities. A place that is still very cool and natural is very suitable for this nature activity.

In addition, you can also try paragliding. Freefall with paragliding in the middle of rice fields with views of Mount Rinjani. If you are a beginner and a little afraid of heights, no need to worry because you will dive in accompanied by a professional and of course very safe.

There are many extreme sports you can do, including mountain biking, climbing, and many others. For those of you who don’t like extreme sports, you can still enjoy the beauty presented in other ways, such as capturing moments with the camera.

Location of Bukit Pergasingan Lombok

This nature tourism is located in Sembalun Village, Lawang, East Lombok. The central area of ​​Mataram City can be reached by motorized vehicle for approximately 3 hours. Your trip will feel safe and comfortable because the road is paved and throughout the trip you will be treated to beautiful green scenery.

Pergasingan Lombok Hill
Pergasingan Lombok Hill

To be able to enjoy the beauty of Bukit Pergasingan Lombok, you only need to pay Rp.10,000 only. for tourists who want to try the sensation of flying with paragliding, they can spend Rp.350,000 per person.

As a tip before climbing, you should be in a state of fit, do not carry too many unnecessary items, use comfortable clothes and shoes, bring first aid kit and always be careful of the tracks traversed because there are some climbing points that have a 70 degree slope.

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