Toraja Bambu Pecatu

Toraja Bambu Pecatu with the atmosphere of North Sulawesi – Holidays repeatedly to Bali will never bring boredom. In addition to the many choices of destinations available, Bali also offers a varied holiday experience. One way is to look for lodging in nuances of North Sulawesi. Lodging with an atmosphere like this, you can find when choosing to stay overnight in Toraja Bambu Pecatu.

Toraja Bambu Pecatu
Toraja Bambu Pecatu

Toraja Bambu does offer a unique holiday experience. The name of this inn represents the atmosphere and experience they provide. Here, you can find lodging buildings made with bamboo. Furthermore, they not only offer environmentally friendly building designs, but are also unique with architectural designs such as the traditional house of Tana Toraja.

Unique and Luxurious atmosphere in the Toraja Bambu Bungalow
Toraja Bambu strives to combine luxurious lifestyle with natural nuances. At the same time, they are also trying to maintain the existence of the Nusantara culture in the midst of the global era. The results are very interesting. You will find environmentally friendly building designs that are made with the majority of bamboo material. In addition, there are also bungalows that offer designs like traditional houses in Tana Toraja.

The traditional design of the building does not make you find Toraja Bambu as a mediocre lodging. In contrast, Toraja Bambu is one of the inns with a luxurious atmosphere that you can find in the Pecatu region. Interestingly, each bungalow they offer, has a large enough capacity. The bungalows come with a large building design. You can find a bungalow option for 2 people or 4 people.

Complete facilities at Toraja Bambu Pecatu

Regarding facilities, you don’t need to worry. The management of Toraja Bambu ensures that every guest who stays in this bungalow can feel comfortable. You will find 2 types of bungalows for rent by Toraja Bambu. The two types of bungalows are toraja and bamboo houses. Both types of bungalows are each available in models for 2 people and 4 people.

Whatever bungalow you live in, Toraja Bambu guarantees the complete facilities inside. Each bungalow is accompanied by a swimming pool. However, the swimming pool available is not a freshwater swimming pool, but a sea water swimming pool, because the location of the bungalow is located close to the beach. In addition, there is also WiFi internet access, bathroom shower, or air conditioning.

For toraja type bungalows, you can use the facilities in the form of a private kitchen for cooking purposes. In addition, all types of bungalows provided by Toraja Bambu are accompanied by a quite spacious living room, which can be used as a place to gather and relax. In addition, you can also find an open deck that can be used as a place to enjoy the scenery around the bungalow.

Location of Toraja Bambu Bali

You can get this luxurious lodging with an exotic atmosphere at a cost of around Rp1.3 million per night. Besides being exotic and unique, Toraja Bambu also offers a very strategic location, located at Jl. Umpeng Sari Number 2, Pecatu. The location of this inn is also very close to Padang-Padang Beach which is one of the popular destinations in Bali.

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