Sukarara Village

Sukarara Village, Residence of the Sasak in Lombok – Besides Bali which has cool tourist attractions, Lombok also has tourism potential that is no less cool. From natural tourism, artificial tourism to cultural tourism between Bali and Lombok are both great. Speaking of cultural tourism, not only Bali has traditional tourism, Lombok also has traditional tourism as well. Its name is Sukarara Village, one of the traditional villages in Lombok located in Jonggat sub-district, Central Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia.

Sukarara Village
Sukarara Village

The voluntary village is inhabited by Sasak tribe residents. Which residents there have extraordinary hospitality when welcoming travelers who walk around this traditional village. In addition, the access is not too troublesome because the village is close to many other tourist attractions such as Tanjung Aan, Banyumelek Village, Sade Village and others.

Entering this village feels like we are in a village with high culture. You can see a replica of a traditional Sasak tribe that stands firmly. The traditional house is like a stilt house with stairs that connect the main door. The roof is made of thatch so that from a distance this traditional house looks yellow.

The atmosphere in Sukarara Village

Many houses in this village use modern houses. Along the way the houses are lined up neatly creating the beauty of the village. The natural scenery around is quite interesting with all the shade from the trees that grow along the road.

The uniqueness of this village lies precisely in the custom that is held firmly for every citizen of his village. According to adat, Sukarara Village women, pronounced voluntare, must have weaving skills. Because, if you are already good at weaving, then you feel right, worthy to marry your idol. So don’t be surprised if almost all the village women can weave with good results.

Because rural women prefer weaving – instead of going out of town to try their luck, there are plenty of fabric shops where you can find them. In addition, the village visit does not just look at the traditional buildings of Sukarara Village, but you can see firsthand the process of making woven fabric in every house you visit. If you are interested, you can ask the women to teach you how to weave properly, just as if they were on an industrial visit.

Or maybe you are interested in something else? Because there is still much you can do here besides the above. For example, you can rent custom clothes and take selfies for as much as you can in replica custom house. And you can publish it on your social media accounts.

Interestingly, there is also the custom of Sukarara Village where a married woman must wear songket cloth. Songket fabric has its maxims, because according to village custom, songket cloth is a symbol of permanence. So, it is hoped that the husband and wife relationship will last until death.

Location of Sukarara Village

If you are interested in visiting Sukarara Village, this place is quite easy to reach. Because besides being close to other tourist attractions, this place is also close to Lombok International Airport. Yes, only about 20 km from the airport, you can already find this village. Interested in visiting?

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