Bali Hostel

5 Benefits of Staying at a Bali Hostel – The amount of cost for lodging often makes many people rethink when they want a vacation. In fact, there are currently many lodging choices that can be used, especially when you visit Bali that provides various types of lodging. Staying at a Bali hostel is often the choice when tourists want a low-cost vacation.

 Bali Hostel
Bali Hostel

Compared to ordinary hotels, hostels in Bali do have limited facilities. In fact, the bed obtained is also very minimalist. Even so, when choosing to stay at a Bali hostel, you will get 5 attractive benefits, namely:

1. Cheap and good rates

The main advantage that you can get when choosing to stay at a hostel is because of the very cheap stay. The cost of staying per day in a hostel is much cheaper compared to hotels. When staying here, you will get a shared room, with a calculation of cost per head per night.

With the pattern of calculating stay rates like that, hostels become the right choice if you want a vacation to Bali solo. The cost to stay, can be reduced to the smallest. Moreover, currently there are very many hostels with shared rooms that can be obtained at rates ranging from Rp50 thousand per night.

2. Can be more familiar with other guests

When staying at a hostel, you will be placed in a shared room. One room can be used for 4 to 6 people. Generally, you can find special rooms for men and women. However, it is not uncommon for shared rooms to be used in a mixture, namely male and female.

Sharing a room does make you lose privacy during your vacation. Instead, the opportunity to stay at a hostel becomes a means to be friendly with other guests. Moreover, hostel guests are usually people who are easy to get along with, and come from various countries.

3. Save even more by cooking yourself

Existing facilities in the hostel are very limited indeed. It’s just that you will find the existence of facilities in the form of a kitchen with various cooking facilities available and can be used freely by the guests. Please note, this facility is a shared facility whose use is also the right of other guests.

4. Friendly officer

The services at the hostel are also generally done in a friendly manner. In fact, hostel officials are accustomed to communicating and socializing like friends with guests. So, while staying in a hostel, you don’t need to worry about getting bad service just because they provide cheap accommodation facilities.

5. Strategic lodging location

Finally, you can also find that hostels available on the island of Bali have a very strategic location. The existence of this hostel with a strategic location provides convenience and low costs related to the use of transportation facilities to various tourist attractions that you want to go to.

That’s the 5 benefits you can get when choosing to stay at a hostel while on vacation to Bali. With such accommodations, a cheap holiday to Bali is not just a dream. You can also create a holiday experience exploring various exciting destinations on the Island of the Gods.

Happy holidays and hope you can get interesting experiences while in Bali, yes!

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