Pura Batu Kursi

Pura Batu Kursi Pemuteran, Keramat Temple in Bali

Balitraveldiary.com – Pemuteran village in Buleleng regency is famous for beach called Pemuteran Bay. However, you can also find a temple sacred and visited by many tourists in this village. The name of the temple was Batu Pemuteran Stone Temple.

Pura Batu Kursi
Pura Batu Kursi

For the Balinese, Pura Batu Chair has no special status. Those who visit Pura Batu Chairs intend to ask for a higher position. Interestingly enough, those who come here not only Balinese Hindus, but also tourists.

Pura Batu Chair Pemuteran Village which offers a view

Not without reason why many tourists visiting Chief Stone Temple. The temple is located on a hill called Bukit Batu Chair. This hill offers an amazing view of Pemuteran Village of altitude.

beautiful scenery at the top of Bukit Batu Chairs make tourists often choose this hill as a location for trekking. To conduct exploration activities in Bukit Batu seat also quite convenient. In addition, here are trekking paths in the form of a permanent ladder.

Bukit Batu Chair in Pemuteran Village has no less beautiful view of Campuhan hill known as the trekking route in Ubud. Here, you will be a hill with extensive grasslands. When the rainy season, the view here will be very green and then turns into dry hills during the dry season.

For tourists who want to do trekking or intentionally taking the time to visit the Bukit Kursi Temple needs to choose the right time. In order to avoid the hot sun, you can choose the time of the visit in the morning or evening.

In the morning or afternoon, you can get a beautiful view of the sunrise and sunset. However, if you insist on coming to Bukit Batu chair during the day, be sure to wear the right costume. Be sure to wear a hat and sunscreen.

Things to Look for when Visiting Bukit Batu Temple Pemuteran Temple

If you want to do trekking, there are no rules regarding the type of used clothing. However, it is different when you want to enter the temple area and see the unique temple that was used as the location to ask for this position. This temple is a sacred building, so be sure to wear traditional dress decently.

In addition, sacred temples can not be visited by women who are menstruating. new visitors who have lost relatives or family members were banned from entering this holy shrine. At the same time, also be sure to keep clean by not littering maintain.

If you want to visit the Stone Chair Temple, first you can go to the village in the district Grokgak Pemuteran, Buleleng. You need to travel about 123 km from Denpasar. If from Lovina Beach, you only have to travel as far as 46 km. Moreover, this temple is also quite close to other destinations, such as Pulaki Temple, Temple Pemuteran and Menjangan.

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