Extreme Tradition in bali - Ngurek or Ngunying

Ngurek or Ngunying The sacred and Extreme Traditions

Balitraveldiary.com – The tradition of ngurek or nguying is part of religious ceremonies in Bali. In a tradition that can be considered extreme, participants stab themselves with a dagger. During this ritual, the participants are in an unconscious condition or in Balinese language called kerauhan.

Extreme Tradition in bali - Ngurek or Ngunying
Extreme Tradition in bali – Ngurek or Ngunying

The term ngurek itself comes from the word urek which means to pierce or pierce. In addition to keris, spears or other similar tools can also be used in the ritual.

Strangely, the participants who thrust the kris into their own body seemed to feel no pain whatsoever. In the condition of keraaan he gets the help of the spirits so that his body becomes invulnerable.

When exactly this tradition began in Bali, no one knows for sure. To be sure he is hundreds of years old. That said, this tradition began when one day a king wanted to throw a party whose purpose was to show gratitude to the Creator and at the same time show the superiority of his soldiers.

Broadly speaking, the ritual of ngurek or ngunying consists of three stages. First, it starts with nusdus, which is a ritual of purification with smoke / fire to stimulate the perpetrators to be possessed immediately. Then, the people who have been possessed by spirits began to dance to the accompaniment of songs or choirs, kecak or gamelan sounds. Finally, that means turning back the awareness of the perpetrators.

Ngurek tradition is part of the Yadnya Dewa ceremony as an embodiment of human devotion to Sang Hyang Widi Wasa. During the ceremony, the spirits were asked to be pleased to enter the bodies of those who had been chosen. The entry of spirits into the human body is a sign that the invited spirits have the pleasure of attending the ceremony.

The tradition of ngurek is carried out in most of the traditional areas of Bali. Even in a number of places in Bali, the tradition is mandatory.

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