Cinta Grill Ubud

Culinary at Cinta Grill Ubud, Restaurant for Steak Lovers – For those of you who have a great love for culinary meat, especially steaks, Bali has many restaurants that are ready to meet these tastes. If you are in the Ubud area, there is one location that you can consider. The restaurant is Cinta Grill Ubud. This restaurant has long been known as one of the locations with the best steaks in Bali.

Cinta Grill Ubud
Cinta Grill Ubud

Cinta Grill, as the name suggests, does offer grilled meat products in various shapes and variations. In this place, you can not only find steak with the main ingredient of beef or beef. The grilled pork menu is also very popular and is loved by the visitors of Cinta Grill. Moreover, the owner of Cinta Grill is known as the owner of several leading restaurants in Bali.

Quiet atmosphere at the Cinta Grill Bali Restaurant

Cinta Grill Restaurant provides a picture that suits the calm atmosphere that is characteristic of the Ubud area. When you are in the Cinta Grill Restaurant, you can find a very large dining area. There is a large bale blank and several small gazebos that you can find surrounded by a green garden area that is a shade.

The calm and relaxed atmosphere that you can enjoy in full without the need to pay attention to the type of clothing worn. Cinta Grill is a restaurant that uses the concept of casual dining, not fine dining restaurants that set a series of rules for its customers. So, you can fully concentrate to taste food and have fun while in this place.

All-round meat serving at Cinta Grill Ubud

As a casual dining restaurant that is famous for serving meat, you can find processed meat in various forms here. Pork ribs are a type of dish that is often hunted by visitors, pegged with prices ranging from Rp120 thousand to Rp180 thousand. In addition, there are also tenderloin and sirloin steaks, each pegged between Rp150 thousand to Rp240 thousand.

Cinta Grill Ubud
Cinta Grill Ubud

If you are reluctant to eat red meat, about it. Cinta Grill also provides a poultry menu. You can find menus such as chicken satay, chicken panino, chicken burger or grilled chicken. Do not miss, the Cinta Grill also offers a variety of western menus such as pizza, burgers, various types of pasta, and others.

Even if you don’t know the western menu, don’t rush to cancel a reservation at this restaurant. Cinta Grill also offers visitors an Asian menu and Balinese cuisine. You can find a menu of chicken soup, laksa, fried rice, cashews, beef tongseng, Indian fish curry, or pepes fish.

Guaranteed, the menu choices in Cinta Grill, very complete. You don’t need to worry that you will only encounter a grilled meat and steak menu here.

Location of Cinta Grill Bali

Cinta Grill is a complex area with Cinta Grill Inn, both located at Jl. Monkey Forest, Ubud. In addition, this culinary place for steak lovers is also very close to Ubud Monkey Forest which is a mandatory tourist destination for tourists, just walk about 5 minutes.

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