Nad Brahma Amed

Romantic Resto atmosphere in Nad Brahma Amed – Mount Agung is indeed one of the charms that is difficult to miss during a visit to Bali. This mountain has an important role for the people of Bali, because it is considered a sacred mountain and is a residence of the gods. Moreover, Mount Agung is also the highest mountain in Bali. Not surprisingly, tourists can see its splendor from various locations.

Agung Mountain
Agung Mountain

Nad Brahma Amed Resto is one of the recommendations for tourists who want to enjoy a meal while getting a closer view of Mount Agung. This restaurant is located in the Amed Beach area, Karangasem which has long been famous as a popular tourist destination. The view when the sun goes down, becomes a special view that you can find here.

Perfect Mount Agung Sunset View at Nad Brahma Amed Bali

The best time is often the choice of visitors to this restaurant in Amed Beach is in the afternoon. At this moment, you can find a truly romantic atmosphere, very appropriate when chosen as a filler of vacation time with a partner. Through his privileges, it makes sense that Nad Brahma obtained a 2019 Certificate of Excelence by Tripadvisor.

Nad Brahma Amed
Nad Brahma Amed

Moreover, the panorama that can be witnessed here is not only merely Mount Agung. Its location around Amed Beach, makes Nad Brahma become one of the interesting spots to watch the beach with the enchanting underwater scenery. The clean beach view at Amed will blend perfectly with Mount Agung and the orange sky in the afternoon.

To support the activities of visitors, Nad Rahma Resto also tries to provide comfort. One way is to provide an outdoor area that can be chosen to enjoy the healthy dishes they provide. From this open area, visitors can watch more satisfied and free without having to be blocked by the beautiful scenery around the restaurant.

Healthy and Delicious Menu at Nad Rahma Amed Resto

At this time, you will indeed not be able to find traditional Balinese dishes such as duck betutu, pork roll, Balinese mixed rice, and the like. In exchange, Nad Rahma Amed provided an imported menu from India. You will not have difficulty eating Indian food here. Moreover, culturally, Indian cuisine is not too in contrast with Indonesian food.

Indian menu choices that you can get are also very many. The majority are vegetarian menus, which would be the right choice for vegans. You can taste masala, processed tempeh, Indian curries, and various other delicious menus. However, the price of food provided by Nad Rahma Amed is relatively quite expensive.

The average food here is pegged with a tag of between Rp. 75 thousand to Rp. 200 thousand. For one visit session, you can spend up to IDR 300 thousand used by two people. Therefore, this restaurant is not suitable for backpackers. Moreover, the size of the menu they serve is also not in large size.

Location of the Nad Brahma Amed Bali Restaurant

This romantic restaurant can be found at Jalan Ketut Natih, Purwakerti, Abang, Karangasem. The location is very close to Amed Beach, only about 900 meters apart. So, you can make time to eat and eat at this restaurant when you are visiting Amed Beach. Moreover, around it can also be found a row of other beautiful beaches, including Jemeluk Beach and Jemeluk Point which is famous as a favorite diving location.

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