Pangkung Tibah Beach Tabanan – There are so many beautiful beaches that are still rarely known by tourists in Bali. The beauty of these beaches can be even more beautiful when compared to the popular beaches. One of them is Pangkung Tibah Tabanan Beach. This beach is the right place if you want to enjoy a typical tropical beach atmosphere.

The beachside atmosphere at Pangkung Tibah Beach is indeed very interesting. On the beach which is also often referred to as Belong Tabanan Beach, you will find a row of towering coconut trees adorning the beach view. The existence of the coconut trees is so neatly arranged, as if there are invisible hands controlling them.

Unspoiled Beach Atmosphere at Belong Tabanan Beach

Comparing Pangkung Tibah Beach or Belong Beach with popular beaches like Kuta is certainly very far away. On this beach, you will find a truly calming atmosphere. The number of visitors who come to this beach is still very small. This gives you an advantage in enjoying your holiday activities to your heart’s content.

Belong Beach has a fairly wide stretch of black sand. You can spend your time playing in the sand while here. Sometimes, there are many young people who do dirt bike riding activities along the coastline. Moreover, not far from the location of Pangkung Tibah Beach, you will find a dirt bike circuit.

Activities that can be done at Pangkung Tibah Beach Tabanan

The lack of facilities at Pangkung Tibah Beach does not make you feel bored. The natural atmosphere on this beach is an entertainment that will never feel boring. Moreover, the air on this beach feels so clean with a view that soothes the eye.

The calm atmosphere of Pangkung Tibah Beach makes this beach the right location if you want to calm down. Moreover, the beautiful scenery in the afternoon at Pangkung Tibah Beach looks very charming. You can spend time hunting for beautiful photos at the same time.

The typical tropical beach scenery will be felt when the moment enters sunset time. You can find a view of an orange sky blending with the shadow of a coconut tree in the wind. If you want, you can pose and take photos of mysterious and unique silhouettes while on this beach.

In addition, you can also spend time with fishing equipment. Fishing activities that can be done at Pangkung Tibah Beach are quite fun. Meanwhile, for those of you who are fond of snorkeling activities, it seems like you have to hold back. Moreover, this beach has quite fast waves.

Location of Pangkung Tibah Beach Tabanan

You can find Pangkung Tibah Beach in the area of ​​Pangkung Tibah Village in Kediri District, Tabanan. You can do a visit to Pangkung Tibah Beach for free without paying an entrance ticket.

Besides having Pangkung Tibah Beach, you will also find other beautiful beaches in the area of ​​Pangkung Tibah Village, namely Tampih Beach. Not to forget, you can also reach Kedungu Beach while on vacation to Pangkung Tibah.

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