Alas Kedaton

Alas Kedaton nature travel in Bali .- Alas Kedaton is a fairly well-known tourist attraction in Bali, located on an area of ​​around 6.5 hectares. This place is somewhat similar to Sangeh (Monkey Forest). The population of monkeys that live here has reached around 1,800. The monkeys in this place are considered sacred animals by the locals. Until now the environmental condition of Alas Kedaton is still maintained its beauty because of the customs of the local population. Who abstain from cutting down trees carelessly, especially to clear the forest.

Alas Kedaton
Alas Kedaton

In the beautiful forest, there is a temple called Pura Alas Kedaton. Usually, buildings or shrines in Bali have at most two entrances. Unlike the Alas Kedaton Temple which has four entrances. The main entrance is located in the west, and three other entrances are in the north, south, and east. All doors will direct tourists to the central courtyard of the temple. One more uniqueness of this temple, the inner courtyard is considered as the most sacred place. Although its position is lower than the central courtyard and the outer courtyard of the temple.

At Pura Alas Kedaton or often also called by the name of Pura Dalem Kahyangan still often held a piodalan ceremony. This ceremony is usually held on the budget day of love (Tuesday), 20 days after the celebration of Galungan. The piodalan ceremony starts from the morning and ends before sunset.

Just a few meters into the Alas Kedaton area, tourists will immediately be greeted by the presence of a number of monkeys. Who hope to be brought “souvenirs”. So, for tourists who come to visit this place, it is better to provide snacks or peanuts give to the monkeys. This group of monkeys has a very sharp sense of smell, so don’t try to hide food in your pocket, pants or in a bag because the monkeys will try to pick it up. But the monkeys will not bite unless disturbed.

The Alas Kedaton tourism area is located in Kukuh Village, Marga District, about four kilometers from Tabanan. The location can be reached in about 40 minutes from Kuta.

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