Bali Camel Safari Tourism

Bali Camel Safari Tourism, Riding Camels by the Beach – If a camel usually becomes one of the transportation in the desert there. But different from the one in Bali. Bali Camel Safari tours will give you exciting new experiences. This activity offers a camel riding experience with an atmosphere in the beach area. It is truly a unique experience and there is no need to go far to the Middle East.

Bali Camel Safari Tourism
Bali Camel Safari Tourism

Bali Tourism Camel Safari invites you to adventure while riding a camel. You will be taken around the white sand beach. See the natural beauty of the beach from the camel while accompanied by a cool breeze.

The beach you will surround is Nusa Dua Beach. Besides walking on the edge of the Pasir Putih Beach of Nusa Dua. You will also be invited to explore other areas. The camels in Bali Camel Safari have been trained to adapt to people and the environment. The camels used are also accustomed to serving guests.

During your vacation by riding on a camel, you will also be accompanied by a guide. The guide will also help you to ride a camel. Every service that is available in Bali Camel Safari is trying to make your vacation activities feel comfortable and enjoyable.

Bali Camel Safari Tour Packages

To be able to vacation while riding this camel you certainly need to spend a few dollars. There are various packages offered to you. Safari Package 1 is priced at IDR 1,470,000 adults and IDR 1,260,000 children.

This price includes 1-hour riding camels, lunch or dinner at Jimbaran Beach with seafood, parasailing, banana boat, glass-bottom boat, and turtle farm packages. For this safari 1 package, the schedule starts only at 09.00 and 10.30.

For those of you who just want to just go on a camel, there are safari 2 packages priced at IDR 560,000 adults and IDR 322,000 children. You will be taken around for 1 hour.

And the safari 4 package also only offers a round tour, but only 30 minutes. For these safari 4 packages, you need to spend a budget of IDR 350,000 for adults and IDR 266,000 for children.

Other safari packages are safari 3 packages for IDR 1,050,000 adults and IDR 658,000 children. This one package offers you to ride a camel for 1 hour and lunch or dinner at Jimbaran Beach.

Safari 5 package with a price of IDR 1,008,000 adults and IDR 896,000, where this package has the features in addition to traveling for 1 hour you can also get aromatherapy or Balinese massage or Balinese costume.

And other packages are safari 6 packages with a price of IDR 910,000 adults and IDR 560,000 children. This package will take you around by camel for 1 hour and see Kecak Dance which will take place from 18:00 to 19:00.

Wedding Photo of Bali Camel Safari Tourism

In addition to these safari packages, Bali Camel Safari also offers Wedding Photos. For those of you who want to capture your pre-wedding photos with a unique concept, you can also do it here together with the camels.

For the photo session, you will use 2 camels, accompanied by 2 staff, including costumes, cameras, and photographers. The price offered to you is IDR 1,610,000 / couple if you choose a 1-hour photo session. And IDR 910,000 / couple if you take a photo session for just 30 minutes.

Bali Tourism Location of Bali Camel Safari

This Bali Camel Safari tour offers a variety of different and varied excitement. You can choose it according to your wishes. Surely a vacation together with these camels will feel unique and different. If you are also curious about how the sensation is then you can simply come to its location at the Hilton Bali Resort, Jalan Nusa Dua Selatan, Badung, Bali.

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