Fun diving with sunfish – Swimming and spending vacation time in the middle of the sea is so exciting. However, there are additional activities that make things more interesting when you swim in Nusa Penida, Bali. In the waters of Nusa Penida, you have the opportunity to choose swimming with sunfish.

Fun diving with sunfish
Fun diving with sunfish

Sunfish are known as one of the fish that are now so rare found in the ocean. This fish is also often referred to as sunfish or sun fish. However, when visiting Nusa Penida, tourists have the opportunity to do swimming with sunfish when it comes to Crystal Bay.

Mola-Mola Fish Is Often Called The Most Friendly Fish

Trying to swim with sunfish in Nusa Penida is not too difficult. You will have no difficulty in meeting this fish. Conversely, sunfish are known as fish with a high level of interest. They often come to the divers who were around him.

With that habit, it’s no wonder that sunfish are known as one of the most friendly fish in the ocean. This fish will not feel scared when there are divers who try to interact directly. With such behavior, you have the opportunity to get unique photos while swimming with sunfish in Nusa Penida.

Distinguishing sunfish with other types of fish is also very easy. Moreover, sunfish have a shape that is so distinctive and far different compared to other sea fish. This fish has a flat body shape and has fins that are shaped like wings on the top and bottom of the body. The size is also so big, can reach a height of 5 meters.

The existence of wings called clavus often makes these fish look like sharks. Moreover, when this fish tries to swim near the surface. In this position, don’t be surprised if you only see fins swimming upright on surfaces that are so similar to shark fins.

Tips for Swimming with Mola-Mola Fish in Nusa Penida

To try the experience of swimming with sunfish in Nusa Penida, you can find it so easily. The best time to find the presence of sunfish in the waters around Nusa Penida is in the range from July to September. That’s when the arrival of sunfish in these waters.

The swimming locations of sunfish are also very easy to reach. This fish is not a fish that is accustomed to swimming in the deep ocean. Conversely, sunfish are fish that often spend their time swimming near the surface. The reason is because sunfish tend to look for sunlight. That’s why this fish is called by the name of sunfish.

Not to forget, you also have to keep trying not to disturb the sunfish activity. This is important so that the existence of exotic fish can still be found in the waters of Nusa Penida in the future. That way, many other tourists will have the opportunity to experience the exciting experience of swimming with sunfish.

Next, you just need to use the services of dive operators in Nusa Penida. Have a nice vacation and have a nice holiday.

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