Hungry Bird Coffee

Hungry Bird Coffee Roasters Canggu,The Best Quality Coffee in Bali – Many coffee shops that you can find while in Bali. However, not all coffee shops are able to present special coffee flavors such as those you can taste while visiting Hungry Bird Coffee Roasters Canggu. This coffee shop is already famous for being able to bring a cup of delicious coffee. As proof of this, they have become suppliers of coffee for a variety of leading coffee shops in Bali.

Hungry Bird Coffee
Hungry Bird Coffee

This coffee shop is often a relaxing location for foreign tourists on the island of Bali. As proof, you will find the majority of visitors who come from among tourists. Only a small number of visitors are local people or domestic tourists. However, it is certain, this place is a very suitable location for coffee connoisseurs. Moreover, Hungry Bird Coffee Roasters has a reputation for single origin coffee products.

Relaxing atmosphere that is comfortable and distinctive at Hungry Bird Coffee Roasters Bali

Like other coffee shops in Bali, Hungry Bird Coffee provides a comfortable and quite spacious area. Here, you can find indoor and outdoor areas. Seating capacity provided by the coffee shop manager can reach as many as 40 people. In addition, they also provide ample parking areas, which can be used for visitors who bring motorbikes or cars.

Hungry Bird Coffee
Hungry Bird Coffee

The atmosphere in the room Hungry Bird Coffee also has its own uniqueness and characteristics. Coffee lovers will really be able to feel the atmosphere as if they were in their world when they were here. Moreover, you can find various machines used to process coffee while here. For example, you will find the existence of a coffee roaster machine located in one corner of the room.

Regarding the arrangement of seating and interior space, the Hungry Bird Coffee did not do anything special. They only use ordinary seating that is small and is accompanied by a minimalist table. Meanwhile, the walls of the room are dominated by white with minimalist decoration. You will only find some furniture at some point. However, this is an indicator that the coffee shop really really wants to prioritize the taste of homemade coffee.

Best Time to Visit Hungry Bird Coffee Roasters Canggu

This coffee shop in Canggu is often the choice for tourists when they want to enjoy a brunch or breakfast lunch. Therefore, the atmosphere will feel very crowded when approaching noon. Moreover, their opening time is also somewhat somewhat afternoon. Hungry Bird Coffee starts providing menus for its guests at the earliest at 08.00 and closes when the clock is at 17.00.

Then, what about the menu choices that can be ordered while at this shop? You can try a variety of heavy food offerings or light snacks while here. The choices are varied, including fried rice, fried noodles, egg benedict, and so on. However, the special menu that can be enjoyed here is not on the food, but through various coffee offerings.

You can try coffee brewing done manually or using a machine. In addition, you can also watch the attractions of the bartenders who are serving the visitors while in the coffee shop area. If you are not satisfied with the coffee served on the table, you can also take home a single origin coffee product that has been packaged. Meanwhile, visitors can also get free mineral water when they visit.

Regarding its location, you can find Hungry Bird Coffee located at Jl. Raya Semat Number 86 (Jl. Perancak), Tibubeneng, North Kuta, Bali.

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