Karma Kandara Beach Bali

Karma Kandara Beach Bali, Luxury Beach Behind the Hill

Balitraveldiary.com – Going on a trip to Bali without visiting the beaches will definitely taste like a vegetable that lacks salt. Because there are so many beautiful beaches that lie along the coast of Bali that you can’t miss. One of them is Karma Kandara Beach Bali. From the name alone it is very beautiful, how about the appearance of the beach, huh?

  • Karma Kandara Beach Bali
  • Karma Kandara Beach Bali

Karma Kandara Beach is a private beach or special beach. Private because the beach is only for guests staying at Karma Kandara Resort and Villas. No wonder Karma Kandara Beach is considered the most expensive beach for the entrance fee. However, the price of entry is expensive, quite equivalent to the beauty it has.

Because of the privacy of this place and location, those who just want to sunbathe while lazing do not need to be disturbed by the bustle of people passing by and selling. For those who are on a honeymoon, visiting Karma Kandara Beach is a romantic choice for newly married couples.

Those who stay and visit this beach are dominated by foreign tourists. Because it is hidden and more private, tourists are safer and more comfortable here. So don’t be surprised if the situation here is very calm and quiet when compared to other beaches in Bali.

Seeing the stunning stretch of white sand, crystal clear sea water will immediately invite you to try the sensation of swimming at Karma Kandara Beach. The beach is shallow and the water is very clear, so snorkeling is very suitable to do as much as you want here. But don’t forget, you have to bring snorkeling equipment from home because there is no snorkeling equipment rental in this place.

Location of Karma Kandara Beach Bali

Located in Ungasan Village, South Kuta District, Badung Regency, this tourist location can be reached in about 40 minutes from Ngurah Rai Airport or about 27 km from Denpasar city. Previously this beach was known as Nammos Beach, but since Karma Kandara Resort and Villas was founded, it is now better known as Karma Kandara Beach.

Karma Kandara Beach Bali Entrance Fee

To be able to enjoy the natural beauty of Karma Kandara Beach, travelers have to pay IDR 250,000.00. IDR 100,000.00 of which is to pay for food and beverage facilities provided by the hotel. By using an elevator (escalator), visitors are escorted to the beach. The lift is used as a means to descend the hill, because this beautiful beach is located behind a steep hill.

For those who prefer to walk down the cliff, you have to be extra careful and prepare physically strong. Because you have to climb almost 350 steps, passing through narrow alleys and alleys between the temple walls and Restaurant De Mare to Karma Kandara Beach. Those with an adventurous spirit would prefer to go this route. And, of course, this way is free and doesn’t cost a penny.

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