Montana Kintamani, Hits and Instagramable Café in Bali – Bali is one of the islands in Indonesia which is popular for its natural beauty. Its natural beauty attracts many local and foreign tourists to visit it. Until now, Bali has never been empty of tourist visits.


The beauty of natural tourism in Bali is more complete with the establishment of hit cafes that offer incredibly beautiful natural scenery. One of the cafes in Bali that offers beautiful views is Montana Kintamani or Montana Del Cafe. This place is very suitable to be chosen as a fun hangout place with friends or loved ones.

Montana Kintamani Cafe Facilities, Great Hangout Place in Bali

Montana Kintamani is a hit and hip cafe that is perfect for hanging out over coffee. This cafe is built in a mountainous area at the foot of Mount Batur. Being in a mountainous area means this cafe is located on a plateau with a refreshing cool atmosphere.

The scenery that can be seen when visiting this cafe is very beautiful in the form of a green expanse of rice fields and the dashing and majestic Mount Batur. You can be sure that the view that is presented can calm the mind and spoil the eyes. Not only that, the cafe atmosphere is very romantic so it is suitable to be visited with loved ones.

Montana Del Cafe’s design is quite beautiful, contemporary and certainly instagramable. The design of this cafe building is simple minimalist and dominated by glass. The combination of scenery and cafe design is very beautiful, so don’t miss capturing the moment here.

This hits cafe in Kintamani also provides a variety of very complete facilities. All visitors to the cafe can use the facilities provided. Here are some of these facilities:

  • Large parking area
  • Prayer room
  • Toilet
  • Tables and chairs
  • Spot interesting photos
  • Wifi
  • Live Music
  • Socket and so on
  • Not only providing complete facilities, visitors who come will get friendly service. The food menu offered is very much at an affordable price.

Location and Opening Hours

Montana Kintamani was built in a mountainous area which is located at Jalan Raya Penelokan No.889, Central Batur, Kintamani District, Bangli Regency. The route used to visit this cafe is good. Montana Del Cafe’s distance from the center of Kintamani is about 4.3 km. The time needed to arrive at the location is around 15 minutes, quite close.

You can visit Montana Del Cafe from 08.00 WITA to 18.00 WITA on weekdays. On weekends you can visit him from 08.00 WITA to 19.00 WITA. In order to get a beautiful view and a cool atmosphere, it is recommended to come in the morning or evening.

Menu Prices at Montana Kintamani

montana kintamani 3 » Montana Kintamani, Kafe Hits dan Instagramable di Bali

Presenting a beautiful view or panoramic view makes this cafe interesting to visit. Moreover, the food and beverage menu that is served is very diverse and of course the taste is delicious and delicious. For the price of each portion of food and drinks, it is very affordable, starting from IDR 15,000 ..

The food menu provided is not only local food but also foreign food menu. The presentation of the food is very unique and beautiful, before eating it can be photographed first and then share it on Instagram. This is a list of menus and prices for food and beverages at this cafe.

1. Food and Snack Menu

  • Grill chicken burger 65k
  • Yellow braised chicken curry 65k
  • Egg benedict 55k
  • Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich 55k
  • Baked eggs 50k
  • Evert green 50k
  • La montana hot cakes 50k
  • Avocado on toast 45k
  • Egg roll croissant 40k
  • Bacon and egg roll 40k
  • Triple stuck donuts 40k
  • 35k ice cream burger
  • Berrycota 35k
  • Fruity croissant 35k
  • Crispy banana 30k
  • 30k fries
  • Crispy spinach 25k
  • Bacon 20k
  • Ice cream 2 scoops 15k
  • Avocado 15k

2. Beverages and Coffee

  • Frape (coffee, matcha, orea, chocolate) 40-50k
  • 45k smoothies
  • Montana coffee 40k
  • 35k cafe latte
  • 35k cappuccino
  • Vietnam drip 35k
  • Beer (star) 35k
  • Juice 30k
  • Matcha 30k
  • 20k espresso
  • Black tea 15k
  • Mineral water 15k

How, very interesting right? So, if you are in Bali, don’t stop by Montana Kintamani. Guaranteed the view is very beautiful and the atmosphere is so calming.

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