Raja Pork Ribs

Raja Pork Ribs Denpasar, delicious grilled ribs

Balitraveldiary.com – Who doesn’t like free food? Moreover, if the free food can be obtained with a proven taste, in the form of grilled pork ribs. You can do this delicious and free pork ribs culinary hunting experience in Bali, precisely at Raja Pork Ribs Denpasar.

Carrying the tagline, “import quality, local prices”, you can eat the main dish of processed pork at Raja Pork Ribs Bali restaurant. The pork ribs presented here are indeed imported directly from America. No wonder the size of the ribs is a monster. Some people need to be able to finish it.

Raja Pork Ribs
Raja Pork Ribs

Free Pork Ribs at Raja Pork Ribs Denpasar, Here’s How!

The opportunity to get free pork ribs at Raja Pork Ribs is one of the ways in which restaurants promote their business. However, you need to know that this promo lasts for a limited time, valid until the end of the year, precisely on December 31, 2019.

Then, how can you get a chance to taste delicious pork ribs for free at this dining place? The trick turned out to be very simple. You only need to spend a portion of monster pork ribs weighing up to 700 grams in less than 60 seconds.

This promotion is not limited to how many people do it. Therefore, if you are confident in your ability to eat quickly, be sure to participate. Moreover, when you successfully win this challenge, the Raja Pork Ribs Bali will give you a dining voucher worth Rp500 thousand.

The price of Roasted Pork Ribs in Raja Pork Ribs Bali

With these tempting challenges, you can try to participate. For information, the 700 gram pork ribs monster used for the challenge can also be tasted through the food packages that have been provided. So, before following the challenge, you can try to practice first.

There are 4 cheap pork ribs packages that you can order during your visit to Raja Pork Ribs Bali. Each package is intended for 2 people, 4 people, 6 people, and 8 people. In a two-person package, you will only get half a portion of pork ribs. Meanwhile, a 4-person menu is accompanied by pork ribs weighing 700 grams. Meanwhile, the other two packages use 1.5 portion pork ribs and 2 portions.

How about the price? Packages for 2 people, you can get only at a price of Rp145 thousand. Meanwhile, a 4-person package was pegged at Rp. 260 thousand. Furthermore, each package for 6 people and 8 people can be ordered by spending Rp.399 thousand and Rp500 thousand. In this package, you can also get rice, french fries, lemon tea, and durian juice, depending on the choice of package.

In addition to ordering a menu in the form of a package, you of course can also choose to eat a dish at this restaurant in a la carte style. It’s just that the price will be more expensive than the package options.

Raja Pork Ribs Bali Location

So, how? Are you interested in tasting pork ribs with a large menu for free at Raja Pork Ribs? If the answer is yes, you can come to the location of the restaurant located at Jl Letda Tantular Number 6, Denpasar. This place is open from 4 pm to 11 pm.

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