Mara River

Overnight with Wild Animals at Mara River Safari Lodge Hotel Bali – Mara River Safari Lodge Hotel Bali offers a different stay experience when going to the Island of the Gods Bali. Here, visitors will be invited to feel the experience of staying in African nature accompanied by wild animals. It’s rare to have such an experience in Indonesia, isn’t it?

One of the highlights here is when you are eating food at Tsavo Lion Restaurant. This restaurant offers a direct view of the life of wild lions. Lions can see you when you eat, and you can watch the behavior of these wild animals freely.

Feels very close to them because it is only limited by wide glass windows. This glass window is guaranteed safe, and there is no need to be afraid that these wild animals will attack you. The menus served here are in the form of menus with international flavors, especially menus from Africa.

When else can you eat while seeing wild animals up close if not at Tsavo Lion Restaurant, Mara River Safari Lodge Hotel Bali. Even when you are reluctant to go to the restaurant for breakfast, the elephant will deliver breakfast to you directly by knocking on your window. Wow,.. must be cool huh,.!!!

Because it is located in the Bali Safari and Marine Park area, visitors can also enjoy having fun with wild animals. This tour is like we are united with wild life which is both stressful and fun.

Children and even adult guests can occasionally feed wild animals while on a safari around the Bali Safari and Marine Park location. What’s more exciting is the Night Safari which is done at night. There are also elephant attractions or elephant rides while walking around tourist sites, or riding ponies for children.

Location of Mara River Safari Lodge Hotel Bali

Mara River Safari Lodge Hotel is located on Jl. Bypass Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra Km. 19.8 Gianyar, Bali. This African nature-themed hotel offers a variety of complete facilities to support guest comfort along with special services.

Rates for Staying at Mara River Safari Lodge Hotel Bali

There are several room options provided by the Mara River Safari Lodge Hotel Bali. Each room has its own atmosphere. Starting from the Swala Deluxe Room which is located on the ground floor with direct views of the animals roaming freely or the Tandala Suite (Tree House Suite) which is located on the second floor with a balcony overlooking the wild animals.

Another option, there is the Twiga Suite located on the second floor next to the Tandala Suite with its balcony also facing the wild animals and the Kifaru Family Room with a view overlooking the Kiboko swimming pool, Tembo Family Room is perfect for family stays with special services. The stay rate is of course adjusted to the unique atmosphere provided, ranging from 3 million – 5 million per room per night.

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