Zula Vegetarian

Zula Vegetarian Paradise Seminyak

Balitraveldiary.com – Lifestyle is a choice that for most people, is a difficult thing. Moreover, when it comes to getting used to tasting healthy foods, most of which are vegetarian menus. Not to mention, you will also be quite difficult to find a place to eat vegetarian specialists who are also delicious. Well, if you are in Bali, Zula Vegetarian Paradise Seminyak can be a solution.

Zula Vegetarian
Zula Vegetarian

Its location in the Seminyak area, makes this place can be accessed very easily. You will also find a comfortable atmosphere while in this Balinese vegetarian restaurant. Now, because the menus they serve are made with organic ingredients and not in the form of meat, this restaurant can also be an interesting consideration for Muslim tourists.

A Natural Feel at Zula Vegetarian Paradise Bali

As a restaurant that specifically promotes healthy and natural lifestyles, Zula Vegetarian Paradise presents a sense of harmony. When in the restaurant area, you can find that this healthy eating place is far from luxurious. Conversely, a simple and natural style of the room is the main characteristic that you can get from the restaurant room.

The floors in this restaurant are made with ordinary ceramic floors. The use of brown color suggests a simple atmosphere of the room. Simplicity can also be found in the selection of furniture from wood that has an equivalent color. The use of tables and chairs made of wood also gives the impression of a vintage. Moreover, when you photograph food against a wooden table background.

In addition, comfort also remains a priority factor for managers of Zula Vegetarian Paradise. The proof, you can use Zula Vegetarian Paradise as one of the restaurants that work. The existence of facilities in the form of free WiFi internet access, you can use to your heart’s content while in the restaurant.

Healthy Menu Options at Zula Vegetarian Paradise Seminyak

While here, you have the opportunity to taste truly healthy vegetarian food. There will be no additional ingredients for flavoring. Instead, they ensure that every ingredient used is organic material whose development process is carried out without using pesticides.

Zula Vegetarian
Zula Vegetarian

Salt that is used as a spice in the kitchen, is a type of pure sea salt. Likewise related to the use of water which is truly sourced from natural springs. In addition, they also specifically use stainless steel cookware. This is done to minimize the presence of a mixture of hazardous ingredients that come from unhealthy cookware.

Menu choices that can be obtained are also very varied. You can find a menu of miso soup, crepes, pancakes, porridge, fruit salad, and so on. There are menus that are processed raw, some are already undergoing cooking. Regarding the price, the Zula Vegetarian Paradise set an average price of Rp50,000 to Rp100,000.

Zula Vegetarian Paradise Bali Location

You can find this healthy restaurant located at Jl. Camplung Tanduk Number 5, Seminyak, Kuta. The location is very close to HARRIS Hotel Seminyak. In addition, you can also find this vegetarian restaurant located very close to Double Six Beach which is one of the popular beaches in Bali.

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