Seruas Bali

Dreamland, Seruas Dream Beach in South Bali – The island of Bali, it must be admitted, cannot be separated from beach tourism which is a magnet for the millions of tourists who come throughout the year. It could be said, all over the coast of Bali is an attraction for travelers, both domestic and foreign.

One of them is Dreamland Beach on the south side, precisely in the Pecatu area, not far from the Garuda Wisnu Kencana area. This beach holds exotic beauty that cannot be found on other beaches like Kuta, Legian, and Seminyak.

Dreamland is a small stretch of white sandy beach surrounded by high rock cliffs. Compared to the beaches around Denpasar City, this beach feels quieter and less crowded by tourists. This makes Dreamland Beach suitable as a place to relax and enjoy the waves, amid the lulling beach breeze. Rows of lounge chairs complete with umbrellas are also available to pamper visitors who want to laze around enjoying the ocean panorama.

Dreamland Beach is not equipped with various facilities for water recreation activities, but that is precisely what is the advantage of this beach. The stretch of the beach panorama still feels intact, not crowded with banana boats, jetski, parasailing, or crowded by visitors.

Instead, visitors can enjoy activities such as swimming or surfing when the weather is quite possible. All activities are carried out in a limited scope, under the supervision of the coast guard who is always on standby at the watchtower.

Another advantage of the beach which is about 32 kilometers from Denpasar City is its position facing the west side. This makes Dreamland Beach one of the recommended spots for enjoying panoramic sunsets in Bali, besides Kuta and Jimbaran.

Take your evening time by visiting Dreamland Beach and feel the unforgettable experience, enjoying the orange sky that blossomed on this beach. As the name implies, this beach will become a land of dreams that adorn your memories of adventure on the Island of the Gods.

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