Bali Special Rice – Besides being famous for its natural scenery, Bali’s exoticism is also transmitted to its culinary. One of the special Balinese menus that must be tried when visiting Bali is Balinese Mixed Rice.

Bali Special Rice
Bali Special Rice

As the name implies, Balinese Mixed Rice is a mixture of rice with various kinds of side dishes such as chicken, vegetable eggs and also satay wrapped, which are usually made from fish or chicken. Chicken side dish that is used is also grilled chicken with Balinese seasonings and with a savory taste.

To add to the pleasure of eating this Balinese Rice you can mix all the side dishes at once, or you can also enjoy them by eating the side dishes one by one.

Some popular Balinese rice spots in Bali are in the Teuku Umar, Seminyak and Kuta areas.

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