Rujak Buleleng

Rujak Buleleng, Fresh and Spicy from Singaraja – Want to taste different tastes of Singaraja? Rujak Buleleng becomes a worthy target for you to try. This freshly presented variety of fruits is guaranteed to provide a different experience from the salad that you have ever tasted.

Fresh and sour taste from young fruits wrapped in the sweet taste of Buleleng brown sugar. The sensation is still added to the spicy beat of cayenne pepper. The result, a solid dish that shakes the tongue.

Rujak Buleleng
Rujak Buleleng

If the salad seasoning is generally served separately with pieces of fruit, the Buleleng salad is served in mixed conditions. This makes the buleleng salad seasoning feel thinner. More or less similar to Rujak bebeg from West Java – it’s just that the fruit slices are not destroyed together with herbs.

Fruits used as salad ingredients, such as kedondong, red yam, mango, papaya, Bangkuang, pineapple, and cucumber, are thinly sliced. As for seasoning, it is made from a mixture of Buleleng brown sugar, shrimp paste, salt, vinegar, and banana stone slices. He added the banana stone slices to give a little taste of sepat (kelat) in this salad. The various spices are then ground into powder. When it will be formulated, the slices of this fruit are mixed into a mortar containing the crushed salad.

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