Joger Bali Souvenirs

Joger Bali, where to shop souvenirs from Bali – If you ask me! What type of Balinese souvenirs should you buy while on holiday in Bali? Then I would recommend you buy souvenirs typical of Joger Bali. Especially souvenirs of T-shirts with unique words typical of Joger. Of course there is a reason I recommend you to buy souvenirs typical of Joger Bali.

Joger Bali Souvenirs
Joger Bali Souvenirs

In addition to Joger products having unique words, original Joger products can only be purchased at Joger stores that only exist on the island of Bali, both Joger stores in Kuta or Joger stores in Luwus Bedugul. Because the official store that sells authentic Joger Bali products will not be found in other areas, so when you vacation in Bali, it helps you buy some souvenirs typical of Joger.


When you enter the Joger shop, you can see the entrance is very small. But after you enter the inside area of the store, it turns out the area is very wide. In many places in the Joger store area there are many inspirational and funny words. So while you shop, you can laugh by yourself reading funny and creative writings around the Joger Bali shop area.

There are several types of goods provided by Joger Bali, such as T-shirts, pants, jackets, glasses, sandals, pencils, key chains, refrigerator patches, and are sold at cheap category prices, when compared to very good quality goods.

Then how much is the price of a Joger Bali shirt? To benchmark the price of a Joger shirt varies greatly. For the price of a Joger child T-shirt the price is above 50 thousand, and the price of an adult Joger T-shirt is approximately 100 thousand. Please note the price of the Joger Bali T-shirt can change at any time.

Location & Opening Hours

The Joger Bali word factory has long been famous, and is one of the iconic souvenirs typical of Bali. Every day the Joger shop is never empty of visitors. Joger T-shirt shops in Bali are in two locations. To be able to see a map of the locations of the two Joger shops in Bali, please click the link!

  • Joger Kuta, located in Jala Raya Kuta, Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali, open from 10:00 – 20:00. The average time spent is approximately 1 hour.
  • Joger Luwus, located at Jalan Mekarsari No.16 – Luwus, Baturiti Bedugul, Tabanan Regency, open from 10:00 – 18:00. The average time spent is approximately 1 hour. Jogja Luwus shop is usually visited by Indonesian tourists after finishing their holiday in the tourist area of Bedugul Tabanan.

Joger Kuta

Joger Luwus

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