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Pia Uluwatu, Unique Balinese Souvenirs Filled with Eggs

Balitraveldiary.com – Pia is a type of cake that is so often found in Indonesia. You can find pia as typical souvenirs from various regions in Indonesia. Interestingly, you can also find typical souvenirs in the form of pia from Bali. There is a large selection of pia brands you can take home with you. One of them is the Balinese Pia Uluwatu.

This Balinese Pia Uluwatu is a unique type of souvenir that you can find from the Island of the Gods. This brand of pi is not the usual Balinese pia. This pi offers a unique taste. Moreover, you can find a selection of pia menus with egg filling in this Pia Uluwati Bali product.

Varied Choice of Contents from Balinese Pia Uluwatu
Pia Uluwatu is a premium pia product that you can find in Bali. They don’t only provide pia products with quality ingredients. At the same time, Pia Uluwatu also offers a very wide variety of flavors. Some of the variants of Pia Uluwatu that you can get are:

  1. Mung bean pie
    Mung bean pie is the normal variant that you can find at Pia Uluwatu. The pia here is made with selected green bean ingredients which make it taste delicious.
  2. Chocolate pie
    The brown pia that you find at Pia Uluwatu is intentionally combined with the flaky pia skin. You can use this pia as a proper afternoon tea companion.
  3. Cheese pie
    If you claim to be a cheese lover, there is a cheese pie option available. You will find pia cheese from the typical Balinese Pia Uluwatu made with 3 types of cheese combined with milk.
  4. Chicken Shredded Pie
    If you want a pia with a savory and crispy taste, the best choice is the shredded chicken pia. The savory taste combined with the pia skin layer is guaranteed to make you crazy about this pia.
  5. Peanut pie
    Besides mung bean pia, you can also find peanut pia from the Balinese Pia Uluwatu. The filling in this pie is not only peanuts, but also dried pumpkin and sesame.
  6. Durian pie
    Durian, which is known as the king of fruits, is the type of filling that you can find in the typical Balinese Pia Uluwatu. Moreover, the durian fruit used in the pia products here is a real pia fruit, not a flavor enhancer or essence.
  1. Special salted egg pandan pie
    Pia with salted egg filling is a unique and contemporary product that you can find at Pia Uluwatu, typical of Bali. You can find special salted egg pandan pia with a combination of chopped walnuts, pandan, and salted egg yolk.
  2. Special salted egg durian pie
    Salted egg special durian pia has a shape that is not much different from salted egg special pandan pia. However, you will not find stuffing in the form of walnuts and pandanus. Instead, salted egg yolks are combined with real durian fruit.

Price of Balinese Pia Uluwatu

To bring home Pia Uluwatu as Balinese souvenirs is also not too expensive. You can taste it simply by spending Rp. 50 thousand per box. Next, you can bring this pia to friends, relatives, or relatives.

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