Dewa Ruci

The Statue of Dewa Ruci Kuta – When visiting Bali, tourists have the opportunity to see various types of statues along the road. One of the statues that will be difficult to miss its existence is the Statue of Dewa Ruci Kuta. You will find this statue when crossing the line that connects Ngurah Rai International Airport with various regions in Bali, such as Kuta, Denpasar, Nusa Dua, Tanah Lot, or Sanur.

Dewa Ruci
Dewa Ruci

The official name of this statue is indeed the Statue of the God Ruci. It’s just that the Balinese people recognize this statue in various names. Some call it the Statue of Bima, because its making is done by showing the figure of Bima. The mention of the statue as the Simpang Siur Statue is also often pinned, because the location of the statue is often the center of traffic jams. Moreover, you will find 12 lanes at this intersection.

The Statue of Dewa Ruci has been around since 1996

Dewa Ruci statue becomes one of the statues that is quite old. The existence of this statue can be found by tourists since 1996. Even though it has been more than 20 years old, the statue is still standing strong, in accordance with the description of the figure of the Milky or Werkudara. Moreover, the Statue of Dewa Ruci was intentionally built with concrete material.

The creator of Dewa Ruci Statue is a Balinese artist named I Wayan Winten. He is a descendant of a family of artists, and has learned to make sculptures since the age of 7 years. There is a separate reason why Wayan Winten decided to make the Dewa Ruci Statue with concrete, not wood. He revealed, one day, the artists will have difficulty finding wood material for sculpture.

On the other hand, the selection of wood as sculpture material also creates limitations in creating. When designing sculptures out of wood, the shape of the sculptures must be done by paying attention to the structure of the wood. However, this will not be obtained when designing sculptures made of concrete. On the other hand, concrete sculpture also has the advantage of longer durability.

The Meaning of Balinese Dewa Ruci Sculpture Design

As already mentioned, the Statue of Dewa Ruci was designed by describing the story of heroism from Bima. Who was a member of the Pandavas. In more detail, this statue tells about how a Bima struggled to obtain tirtha amertha. Or the water of life that is located at the bottom of the ocean, is very impossible to do.

However, despite his courage, Bima is an innocent figure. Therefore, he went on this journey and in his journey, Bima met with the Dragon Neburwana who tried to stop him. Thanks to its strength, Bima was able to defeat the dragon and finally met a small creature that resembled Bima, called by the name of Dewa Ruci.

Bima’s meeting with Dewa Ruci was an inspiration for Wayan Winten in making the Statue of Dewa Ruci. Moreover, the meeting was the beginning for Dewa Ruci to get a comfortable and peaceful place. To illustrate this story in full, Wayan Winten completes it with the existence of the statue of Naga Baruna, waves of water, Sang Hyang Acintya who is a figure of Lord Ruci, Bima, and a fountain that shows that his meeting was in the middle of the sea.

The existence of a statue with an attractive design, makes many tourists come to visit. You can choose the time of visit throughout the day, and it’s free. Take a picture here, guaranteed to get good camera shots!

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