5 Painting Galleries in Bali You Must Visit – In Bali, there are many painting galleries open to the public with complete collections. Like other art galleries, painting galleries in Bali also exhibit a variety of beautiful and pleasing works of local artists. Apart from a variety of paintings, there are also guides who can be asked to tell about the creative process and other things related to the existing paintings. How cool is that?

Painting is a work of art that has a broad meaning with various streams and styles. Currently, there are about twenty kinds of painting styles used by artists. For example, surrealism, abstractionism, naturalism, romanticism, futurism and many others. Well, some galleries are complete, but in others they only specify certain genres.

Check these 5 recommended painting galleries in Bali

Just imagine, walking down artistic aisles with displays of various art objects. Then the eyes are spoiled by a variety of extraordinary paintings by local artists and maestros. Take a dip in the meaning of brush strokes on canvas with all the inspiration that goes with it. Isn’t that amazing? So, let’s visit the following painting galleries in Bali.

1. Puri Lukisan Museum

galeri lukisan di bali 1 » 5 Galeri Lukisan Di Bali yang Wajib Dikunjungi
Puri Lukisan Museum

Visiting and traveling to Ubud, it seems that there will be no end. Because from end to end, there are lots of tourist hidden gems that can be used as a place to relieve fatigue and daily activities. Ranging from stunning stretches of beaches, cool mountains to markets and art galleries that are scattered in many places.

For those who have a special interest in painting, it is advisable to visit the Puri Lukisan Museum owned by the Ratna Wartha Foundation. Because this painting gallery in Ubud Bali has a unique exterior and interior design. Of the three existing buildings, each of them has a specification of artwork that is associated with the development of art work in Ubud.

The location is very easy to find because it is installed on Google Maps. In addition, the location is not far from the main road, so it is very easy to reach by visitors who want to go to this painting gallery in Ubud Bali.

2. Agung Rai Art Gallery

Museum Seni Agung Rai Ubud 1 » 5 Galeri Lukisan Di Bali yang Wajib Dikunjungi
Agung Rai Art Gallery

For lovers of classical or traditional painting, then abstract and modern styles, it is highly recommended to stop here. This is because the gallery, which is located in Peliatan – Peliatan – Ubud, is indeed specialized in exhibiting paintings with this genre. Plus, here you can also find paintings in the style of young artists, which are fresh and full of unique creativity.

Broadly speaking, when visiting a painting gallery in Bali which not only accommodates local artists, visitors will be spoiled with scratches by foreign artists. However, what is unique is that all of them have a common thread in the form of paintings that are full of Indonesian cultural values. How interesting isn’t it?

3. Convenient Gallery


As the name suggests, here it is very comfortable. Because this art gallery in Seminyak, Bali is indeed very hommy but artistic. The interior design is unique with sculptural and sculptural ornaments, as well as the use of wood components, further emphasizing its friendly impression.

Black-and-white monochromatic paintings, contemporary and naturalist colors, blend perfectly here. Not to mention the creations of artists from Bali and from other countries were also present to enhance quality art exhibitions. Do not be surprised if you come home from there, as if you want and want to come back. Because, everything is arranged in such a way for the convenience of visitors.

4. Reservoart

galeri lukisan Reservoart » 5 Galeri Lukisan Di Bali yang Wajib Dikunjungi

An admirer of contemporary art? Don’t hesitate to go to the Seminyak area to be precise at 54-56 numbers. Because there is Reservoart, which is one of the contemporary art galleries in Bali. From extraordinary paintings, sculptures and photographs, all come together in a display that is pleasing to the eye. Get ready to feel for a moment that you are already tired of standing and enjoying one by one the cool works there. Apart from Seminyak, Reservoart painting galleries are also available in several locations in Bali.

5. Tonyraka Art Gallery

galeri lukisan Tonyraka » 5 Galeri Lukisan Di Bali yang Wajib Dikunjungi

Ready to enjoy art from a different perception? If you are bored with the mediocre painting galleries in Bali, try visiting Ubud, precisely at Jalan Raya Mas number 86. Because this painting gallery in Ubud Bali displays a variety of contemporary, modern and tribal art works. Unusual interior design, beautiful collection and unforgettable ambience will be a special memory when visiting there.

So, are you ready to explore the five painting galleries in Bali above? Prepare a suitcase or backpack following wellness protocols, then explore Bali with joy. Have a nice vacation!

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