Satay Padang

Sate Padang Syukur Denpasar, Halal Culinary in Bali – When traveling around Bali, Muslim tourists may hesitate when they want to taste the culinary satay. Moreover, Bali is famous for its various satay menus with main ingredients as pork. However, if you go to the right location, you can also get a delicious satay serving and guaranteed halal. One place you can choose to get such offerings is Denpasar Syukur Sate Denpasar.

In accordance with the name of the place. Sate Padang Syukur Bali is a food stall with a simple atmosphere that provides a typical Padang menu. Only, you will find the main menu, not in the form of rendang. But the satay Padang served with pieces of rhombus and special yellow spices. Even though it has a simple warung atmosphere, this place is famous for being able to serve delicious satay.

Display Menu Padang Sate Gratitude Bali Simple But Make Nagih

When you find the display of Padang satay in this place. You will not be able to distinguish it from Padang satay in other places. On the plate, there is a box-shaped piece of meat that has been stuck on a skewer. The satay has also been accompanied by diced diamond-shaped pieces that accompany it. Not to be left behind, the satay and the rhombus were washed down with typical and fragrant Padang sauce.

Satay served at Padang Syukur Warung Sate is a kind of halal satay. The meat used in this place is beef. Not only meat, you can also find satay variants made with the main ingredient of beef tongue. The texture of satay meat in this place is also famous for its softness, so you will not feel any difficulties when biting it.

Regarding the price, Padang satay at Warung Syate Padang Syukur is indeed relatively more expensive compared to similar stalls elsewhere. To enjoy a plate of delicious Padang satay here, you need to spend Rp24 thousand. With this price, you will get a serving of a portion of satay with 8 sticks, complete with herbs, rhombus, and fried onions.

In addition to providing Padang’s special satay menu, you can also find other dishes at Padang Syukur Bali Warung Sate. You can also taste vegetable rice cake that is no less tasty. In addition, the stall manager also provides unusual drinks. Here, you can enjoy a plate of typical Padang satay accompanied by a delicious glass of egg tea.

Location and Opening Hours of Warung Sate Padang Syukur Denpasar

You can use Warung Sate Padang Syukur in Bali to find a halal breakfast, lunch or dinner. Moreover, the opening hours are very long. This stall can be visited from 9 in the morning until midnight. That way, you can also take advantage of the time to stop by this place when you are starving at night.

The location of the stall is also quite easy to reach, located in the central area of ​​Denpasar City, precisely at the address of Jalan Teuku Umar Barat No.19A. The address is not far from a variety of large restaurants in the city of Denpasar, including KFC, McDonald’s, Domino’s Pizza, and so on.

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