Gitgit waterfall

Gitgit Twin Falls, Enchanting Nature in Buleleng – Buleleng Regency has the gift of beautiful and exotic hills. The existence of this landscape makes the area of ​​Buleleng has a number of attractive natural attractions. One of the interesting natural attractions visited in this region is a waterfall.

In Buleleng Regency, there are at least 16 waterfalls scattered in several places. Waterfall tourism that is quite famous in this area is in the village of Gitgit. The southernmost area bordering Tabanan Regency has several waterfalls. The most famous is Campuhan Waterfall, or commonly called Gitgit Twin Falls.

Gitgit waterfall
Gitgit waterfall

The entrance to the Twin Falls is approximately 15 kilometers north of the Bedugul area. The route to get from Bedugul to Gitgit is through a winding up and down lane and passing ‘twin lakes’, namely Tamblingan and Buyan. Arriving at the entrance which is on the left side of Jalan Raya Denpasar-Singaraja, visitors will descend the path approximately 1.5 kilometers. This trail was built on the self-help of the residents of Gitgit Village. On the left and right sides of this path, visitors will find a fairly lush forest, with rows of clove, coffee, and vanilla trees growing in the people’s gardens.

Campuhan Waterfall are two waterfalls which are close together and where the water meets each other. The two waterfalls as high as 20 meters with a depth of 10 meters of water have different temperatures. The waterfall to the left of the water has warm temperatures while the one to the right of the water has a cold temperature. In the dry season, water discharge on the right side will decrease so that the overall water temperature will feel warmer.

According to one guide, Nyoman Wardana, Campuhan Waterfall is one of the waterfalls that is saved by Hindus. “Campuhan” means the mixing or meeting point of two streams of water – which is believed to be one source of holy water. For this reason, this waterfall is a place where rituals of self-cleaning or cleaning are carried out. In addition, there are several other religious rituals that are carried out routinely, such as mecaru (offerings on the day before Nyepi) and piodalan which is performed twice a year.

Under Campuhan Waterfall, there are two other waterfalls that are still one lane. Both of these waterfalls can be reached in approximately 30 minutes on foot. The first waterfall is Mekalang, which is a 45 meter high waterfall with clear water – as the name implies which means bright (kalang) or clean. About 10 minutes drive from Mekalang Waterfall, you can find the second waterfall. Local people refer to this waterfall as a multilevel waterfall. The naming is according to the contours of the waterfall that steps up so it looks piled up.

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