Cilinaya dance, symbol of graceful beauty

Balitraveldiary.com – The treasures of Balinese dance are indeed never devoid of the new creations of the artists. These contemporary creations co-exist with classical dances that remain sustainable in the traditions of the Balinese people. Some of them disappear over time, but some are still sustainable and accepted by society as one of the cultural assets that must be maintained. Cilinaya dance is one of the few dance creations that have survived for nearly twenty years.

Cilinaya Dance
Cilinaya Dance

Cilinaya dance was created by I Wayan Dibia, one of the traditional Balinese dance maestros in 1986. This dance was originally created to be staged by Sekaa Gong Patra Kencana Singapadu, Gianyar.

The idea of ​​the birth of this dance was inspired by chile ornaments. Chile is one of the special ornaments in the dancers‘ clothes. Chile in the form of a long cloth with a pointed tip with colorful motifs. The chilies that are part of the dancers’ clothing symbolize the fun and excitement – the main message of this dance.

Cilinaya dance features a group of beautiful girls who glide gracefully. This dance depicts the cheerfulness of the girls’ youth. In contrast to many other dances which feature sharp eye contact, this dance is performed cheerfully, full of smiles. This dance also highlights the elegance of the dancers’ movements.

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