Puri Bambu Hotel

Puri Bambu Hotel Jimbaran, Unique Lodging with Traditional design

Balitraveldiary.com – Unique lodging with traditional Balinese architectural designs does offer its own charm. Moreover, when you find the inn in a popular area like in the Jimbaran area. One of the unique hotels with traditional Balinese designs in the area is Puri Bambu Hotel Jimbaran, which is known as a unique 3 star hotel and offers a beautiful atmosphere for its guests.

Puri Bambu Hotel
Puri Bambu Hotel

Although using the name Puri Bambu, the hotel building was not erected with the main material of bamboo. In fact, the construction is done using materials such as cement and bricks like modern buildings. Moreover, despite having a label as a 3 star hotel, Puri Bambu Hotel Bali offers facilities comparable to more expensive hotels or 4 star hotels.

Beautiful atmosphere and complete facilities at Puri Bambu Hotel Bali

Puri Bambu Hotel has a very large area. In fact, the number of rooms they offer is also quite large, reaching 48 rooms. Every point of the building in the hotel complex, is designed with ethnic Balinese touches. For example, you can find the existence of a blank bale building which is commonly used as a gathering place for Balinese.

Not only spacious, the manager of Puri Bambu Hotel also strives to maintain the beauty of the hotel area. They complement the area inside the hotel with green gardens that give a soothing impression. The calm atmosphere that is far from the crowds with the green garden dish, makes Puri Bambu Hotel a comfortable stay choice when you are on vacation with the aim to relieve fatigue.

Facilities that you can use to enjoy your vacation time during your stay at Puri Bambu Jimbaran are also very complete. The hotel provides a restaurant that is open all day, with menu choices that blend western and eastern cultures. In addition, you can also get entertainment in the form of traditional traditional music performances that are usually held at night. Not to forget, this hotel also has an outdoor swimming pool accompanied by a Sunken Bar.

Room Choices and Rates Stay at Puri Bambu Hotel Jimbaran

Puri Bambu Hotel
Puri Bambu Hotel

The total rooms that can be occupied by guests while staying at Puri Bambu is 48 rooms. The rooms are then divided into 4 choices, namely 18 standard rooms, 17 superior rooms, 10 deluxe rooms, and 3 suites. Each room – except superior – is accompanied by a bathtub and shower. The rooms also have air conditioning facilities.

You can choose to relax on the balcony or terrace area. The hotel also ensures that guests can connect to the internet via the provided WiFi network. If you want you can also use the shuttle bus to Kuta which is available for free. For those of you who bring children, the hotel provides extra services in the form of child care or baby sitting services.

Then, what price can be obtained to stay at this hotel? Through the official website, you can find that a standard room is the cheapest room option, at a rate of Rp.950 thousand per night. In addition, superior rooms are pegged at the official price of Rp1,050,000 per night. For deluxe rooms and suites, each pegged at Rp1.3 million and 1.5 million.

Puri Bambu Hotel Bali Location

Puri Bambu can be found at Jl. Blasting, Kedonganan. The location of this hotel is close to 3 famous tourist beaches in Bali. Kedonganan Beach, only 250 meters apart. Meanwhile, Jimbaran Beach and Kelan Beach, you can visit just by walking around 600 meters and 800 meters.

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