Sip delicious coffee at Bhineka Djaja Denpasar

Sip delicious coffee at Bhineka Djaja Denpasar – The culture of enjoying coffee has become a tradition that has developed since ancient times. This habit can also be found in Indonesian regions, including Bali. While on vacation in Bali, you can find a coffee shop that has a reputation as the oldest coffee shop on the Island of the Gods. The coffee shop in question is Bhineka Djaja Denpasar.

Sip delicious coffee at Bhineka Djaja Denpasar
Sip delicious coffee at Bhineka Djaja Denpasar

Bhineka Djaja is a legendary coffee shop that has run its business for three generations. Here, you will find a variety of quality coffee brands. Not only coffee from within the country. You can also find coffee directly imported from various countries. Therefore, Bhineka Djaja has become a heaven for coffee lovers.

History of the Establishment of Bali Djaja Bhineka Coffee Shop

The establishment of the Bhineka Djaja Coffee Shop was carried out by Bian Ek Hoo from the Tjahjadi Family in around 1935. At that time, they founded this shop under the name Bian Ek. In running its business, Bian Ek Hoo buys coffee beans directly from farmers. That way, they can get a cheap price and can be resold.

These coffees are not sold directly. They process it and package the coffee so it looks attractive. Along with the popularity of the Bian Ek Shop, coffee products from the Tjahjadi Family are widely known for having a unique taste. In addition, Bian Ek Shop also has a strategic location on Jl. Gajah Mada, known as a business district.

Sip delicious coffee at Bhineka Djaja Denpasar
Sip delicious coffee at Bhineka Djaja Denpasar

Furthermore, the Bian Ek Shop is run by Djuwito Tjahjadi which is the second generation of the Tjahjadi Family. Kedai Bhineka Djaja developed into a bigger one. Moreover, after obtaining large amounts of loans from banks. The loan funds are then used to buy a roaster machine specifically imported from Germany.

Thanks to the support of sophisticated and modern equipment, Kedai Bhineka Djaja is better. Apalgi, Djuwito applies high standards to coffee beans purchased from farmers. Coffee beans are deliberately picked only deliberately mature beans with uniform size. Furthermore, these beans can produce first-class quality coffee.

Not only that, Djuwito also conducted experiments to be able to obtain a distinctive coffee formula. The result, coffee produced by Kedai Kopi Bhineka Djaja Denpasar, has its own uniqueness that cannot be found in other coffee shops. Not only that, coffee from Bhineka Djaja also meets high standards to be exported and enjoyed by Balinese tourists.

Cozy Classic Atmosphere at the Bhineka Djaja Coffee Shop in Denpasar

It’s not difficult to find Kedai Kopi Bhineka Djaja. You can direct the vehicle directly to the address Jl. Gajah Mada No.80, Denpasar. Here you can find displays of various coffee machines that can also be brought home. Coffee menu choices here are indeed not many. There are 4 types of coffee that can be ordered, namely brewed coffee, cappuccino, civet coffee, and espresso.

In the hands of the third generation, namely Wirawan Tjahjadi, Bhineka Djaja still has a distinctive taste. Coffee is deliberately roasted by not overcooking, aka brown in color. The goal, so that the taste of coffee does not disappear completely. Not only in terms of quality. Bhineka Djaja’s business is also growing rapidly. Moreover, there are now Jazz Bar and Grill branches and Bali House coffee.

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