Agrowisata Belayu Florist Tabanan, an Instagramable Photo Destination – You can easily hunt for instagramable photos with a beautiful flower garden background while on vacation in Bali. Belayu Florist Tabanan Agro Tourism can be a great Instagramable holiday destination for consideration. This tourist spot is the newest destination which was established in 2018 and its location is close to Denpasar.


What is very interesting about the existence of the Belayu Florist Agro Tourism is that its initial appearance came from an accident. Actually, the flower garden in this Tabanan tourist spot is not a tourist destination. Its existence is a garden that functions to supply the flower needs of the people of Denpasar and Nusa Dua. However, the beauty in this garden makes it crowded with tourists.

Beautiful Colorful Flower Garden in Belayu Agro Tourism Tabanan Florist

The main attraction that you can find when visiting Belayu Florist Agro Tourism is the existence of colorful flower gardens. Here, you can find a large area of ​​land where various types of flowers grow. You can find the presence of gemitir flowers, sunflowers, or sinea flowers that have bright and beautiful colors.

The arrival of tourists to the Belayu Florist because of the beauty of the flower garden. In fact, this tour manager has never made any promotions regarding its existence. However, the existence of social media has made Belayu Florist Agro Tourism the newest tourist destination that tourists are starting to hunt. Moreover, they can find some beautiful photo spots here.

Along with the increasing popularity of Belayu Florist, the management is trying to beautify the appearance of this tourist spot. As proof, they built several unique photo spots. The existence of a flower-shaped tower in the middle of the garden is one of them. In addition, there is also a photo spot in the form of a bamboo gate that is arranged very nicely.

Another choice of place, you can also find photo spots aimed at couples. This photo spot comes with an aisle-like design accompanied by the words I Love U. There is also a blank bale that can be an interesting photo spot. In addition, you can also find old ontel bikes called ontel cinta.

One area that you must visit while in this flower garden is the celosia flower garden. This flower garden has a very special atmosphere. This flower makes the garden look cheerful with red and yellow. Its existence is a favorite photo spot for visitors.

Entrance rates and locations of Agro Tourism Belayu Florist Tabanan

Tourists who want to travel to this place do not need to pay a very expensive entrance fee. The management only sets an entrance fee of IDR 5,000. In addition, you can also take advantage of hat rental services or headwear if you come to visit during the day. The rental rate is cheap, only IDR 5,000.

You can find this contemporary tourist spot in Bali in Banjar Batanyuh, Marga District, Tabanan Regency. It is not difficult to find the location of this instagramable tourist garden, because the place is on the side of the road, namely Jl. Wisnu Marga. You can visit between 8am and 7pm.

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