Gamelan Bali

Balinese Gamelan Accompaniment of Traditional Rituals – Gamelan has been synonymous with Javanese culture. However, on the Island of the Gods, Bali, it turns out this musical instrument is also a part of the island’s unique artistry that is famous for its beauty.

Gamelan or in Bali known as gamelan commonly used in traditional ritual processions such as the death ceremony that we are familiar with the Ngaben tradition. While for human ceremonies, gender is used and for ceremonies in temples, gong gede is usually used.

Gamelan Bali
Gamelan Bali

In terms of the development of the era, Balinese gamelan can be divided into 3 types namely, gamelan wayah, this type of old gamelan is estimated to have existed before the XV century. This gamelan is generally dominated by keys in the form of keys and does not use a musical instrument drum.

The second type is middle gamelan. This Gamalan comes from around XVI-XIX century. In this era, the gamelan bar was already using drums and percolated instruments. In this barungan, drum has begun to play a role in a show

Finally is the brand-new gamelan. This gamelan belongs to a new type of class, which includes the types of barungan gamelan that emerged in the XX century. This gamelan bar seems to be one of the most prominent features of the drum game.

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