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Ambara Raja Lion Monument, the Symbol of Singaraja – Singaraja City is the largest city in the Buleleng Regency. In the past, Singaraja became the main entrance to the island of Bali through the existence of the Port of Buleleng. At the same time, Singaraja also became a city with a long history. One of the efforts of the Singaraja people in preserving its history is the existence of the Ambara Raja Lion Monument which is the main symbol of the city.

Ambara Raja Lion Monument
Ambara Raja Lion Monument

Ambara Raja Lion Statue has a unique shape. You can find this statue on the Singaraja City protocol road and it is made directly facing the north shore of Singaraja City. The design of this statue is in the form of a lion accompanied by wings on its back. The shape of this statue is deliberately designed based on classical mythological animals.

History of the Establishment of the Lion Ambara King Singaraja Statue

The Lion Ambara Raja statue is not a statue that has stood for hundreds of years. This statue was erected during the New Order era, precisely on September 5, 1971. The inauguration of the statue was carried out by the Regent of Buleleng at the time, namely Hartawan Mataram. The process of building the statue began on February 16, 1968 with the enthusiasm of researching the birth of Singaraja City.

During the inauguration of this statue, Regent Hartawan Mataram also called it a symbol of the City of Singaraja. In the inauguration, the local government also held a traditional ceremony called melaspas. This ceremony is carried out by the Balinese when the process of building houses, shops or other buildings is completed.

The purpose of the Melaspas ceremony is as a means of purification. This tradition has become a habit that has been practiced by the Balinese for generations. The purpose of carrying out the melaspas ceremony by the Balinese Hindu community is so that the building can give a sense of peace to anyone who uses it.

The Meaning of Ambara Lion Singa Monument Design in Singaraja

Although made based on mythological animals, the Buleleng Regency Government built the Ambara Raja Lion Statue with a deep meaning. The construction of this statue is a symbol of the glory of Buleleng in the past. His existence was identified with Ki Gusti Ngurah Panji Sakti who was none other than the great figure of the founder of the Kingdom of Buleleng in the 1660s.

The winged lion statue which forms the Statue of the Ambara Raja Lion Lion is positioned in the middle of grabbing a shepherd corn. This position was intentionally formed with the symbol of strength, power, and the knighthood possessed by Ki Gusti Ngurah Panji Sakti. In addition, if you look further, you will find a lotus flower that has 9 petals as a symbol of 9 districts in Buleleng.

Furthermore, the Ambara Raja Lion Statue also has 30 feathers on the wings. In addition, you will also find 3 wing bones that are the location of the growth of feathers. Do not miss, there are as many as 1604 fuzz that covers the lion’s body. Overall, the figures represent the birth date of Singaraja City, which is March 30, 1604.

Quite interesting to see the existence of the Ambara Raja Lion Statue in the City of Singaraja, right? You can take a short time to watch it. At the same time, don’t forget to visit various interesting and historical places in the City of Singaraja! Many are unique, you know!

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