smoked fish

Balinese Sambal matah smoked fish – As an area whose majority of residents work as fishermen, Serangan Island is rich in marine products. Various types of fish such as tuna, tuna, and grouper are easily found around the island. Serangan Island also has a special dish that is worth trying by culinary lovers. This dish is popularly known as sambal matah smoked fish.

Seeing how it looks, smoked fish from Serangan Island is similar to grilled fish that is commonly found in other areas. But when tasting it, it will be known grilled fish from this island has a distinctive taste and aroma.

smoked fish
smoked fish

Smoked Fish Island Attack has a meat texture that is drier but soft, with a uniform level of humidity. In addition, there is a distinctive scent of coir smoke mixed with spreading smear. This mixture produces a unique aroma that invites tastes.

The key to the unique taste and aroma of the smoked fish typical of Serangan Island arises from its unique processing techniques. Fresh fish that have been cleaned are roasted on a roasted coconut husk.

In contrast to the general roasting technique that uses wood charcoal or coconut shells, this coir roasting takes place more slowly, so that heat absorbs more evenly to the innermost side. This is what makes smoked fish meat evenly cooked and drier.

During the roasting process, the fish undergoes 2-3 reversals. Each stage takes approximately 5-8 minutes, with a new piece of coconut fiber added to the grill every time it is reversed.

On the second or third reversal, the fish is smeared with seasonings from a mixture of mashed garlic, onion, chili, and turmeric. This cooking process can take about 15-30 minutes, depending on the size of the fish being processed and the dryness of the coconut husk.

After it is considered cooked enough and the outer side of the flesh is browned, the fish is served on a container. To be more stable, special Balinese chili sauce can be added as a complement.

Sambal made from chopped onions, large cayenne peppers (chili parrots), and lemongrass mixed with paste, salt, and a little oil gives a spicy taste that shake your tongue. Served smoked fish along with a portion of warm rice is suitable for lunch menu.

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