Canggu BBQ and Bar

Canggu BBQ and Bar, A Fun Place for a Barbecue Party – When else can try a barbecue party experience at a very affordable cost? Moreover, if you can find places to eat like this when on vacation to Bali. Well, if you are interested in a cheap barbecue party experience, you might consider visiting Canggu BBQ and Bar.

Canggu BBQ and Bar
Canggu BBQ and Bar

An interesting thing you can find in this place is the availability of barbecue menus with cheap fare. You will find that this place to eat often offers attractive promos. The types of promos that they offer to visitors vary, can be different in each month.

Well, the latest promo that they provide in the middle of 2019 is an opportunity for super cheap barbecue parties with enough money Rp100 thousand. Interestingly, you can take advantage of these rates to be able to barbecue with a capacity for two people. In addition, Canggu BBQ also provides other inexpensive packages, with prices of only Rp. 20 thousand.

You can get these rates at even lower prices. Moreover, if you take advantage of voucher vouchers that you can find via the internet. Even without a voucher, you can still eat until you’re full with minimal money while you are in this cafe.

IDR 100 thousand can be satisfied at Canggu BBQ and Bar

You might assume that Rp100 thousand for a package of two found at Canggu BBQ offers a minimal portion. Wait a minute. Before speculating, you should come in person. Moreover, many visitors who claimed to be satisfied when trying a barbecue dining experience at Canggu BBQ.

When you choose the Rp100 thousand package for two people, you will get salads in various types, ranging from onions, eggplants, vegetables, and cucumbers. In addition, you will also find the presence of garlic bread accompanied by mushroom soup. In addition, you can choose between baked potatoes or white rice.

As a BBQ package, of course you will get meat. Portions of meat that can be obtained quite a lot. You will find 100 gram chicken, watermelon, and 100 gram beef. Not to forget, you will also get iced tea or ice water that can be refilled as much as you want.

Unlimited Side Dish at Canggu BBQ and Bar Bali

Canggu BBQ and Bar
Canggu BBQ and Bar

The thing that makes this place very crowded with culinary lovers is the opportunity to eat as much as you like. The concept of this dining place does allow visitors to eat until they are full. As proof, the manager of Canggu BBQ frees BBQ connoisseurs to take side dishes to their heart’s content.

The choice of side dishes that you can take is also very varied. You can find side dishes such as spaghetti, potato wedges, garlic bread, bread, or various salad variants. While enjoying your meal until you are full, you can watch the view of the swimming pool inside the bar. Usually, this cafe is very crowded at night. So, if you want a calm atmosphere, choose another time.

Canggu BBQ location

You can find Canggu BBQ located at Jl. Batu Bolong Beach Number 39B, Kuta Utara, Badung Regency. This place is open every day, starting at 10 noon until 10 pm. So, you can use Canggu BBQ as a place for lunch or dinner.

Oh yes, this place does not only provide a menu in the form of a barbecue package. You can also find other dishes, such as steaks, burgers, and various other western cuisine. Interested in trying culinary in this place? Cuss !!!

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