Mama Lobster Ubud

Mama Lobster Ubud, Seafood with a Classic Impression – Ubud is indeed an area that is synonymous with a rural atmosphere, surrounded by green rice fields. However, that does not mean you can not taste the processed seafood menu while in here. There are many famous seafood restaurants in Ubud. Mama Lobster Ubud Restaurant can be an interesting consideration for tasting seafood with a different atmosphere.

Mama Lobster Ubud
Mama Lobster Ubud

Mama Lobster offers a unique seafood restaurant concept. The restaurant strives to maintain the natural feel that is the hallmark and main attraction of the Ubud area. They also combined the natural atmosphere with the classic building concept. The combination of a natural and classic atmosphere, then complemented by delicious seafood dishes.

Classic atmosphere at Mama Lobster Ubud Restaurant
When you set foot into the restaurant area, you can feel the classic impression directly. The building in the restaurant area is a Joglo house building that offers an open concept. The Joglo house building was built completely with wood. Wood material and the concept of open buildings, allowing visitors to taste the dish while enjoying the breeze.

To complement the classic atmosphere with the open building, Mama Lobster Restaurant is also accompanied by supporting furniture. You can find a variety of furniture made entirely from wood. The use of white, interspersed with blue, increasingly gives a comfortable impression for visitors. Do not miss, you can also find a garden area surrounding the joglo house building.

The classic and natural impression of Mama Lobster Restaurant, not only gives comfort to every visitor. The combination of white and blue with wood elements, making Mama Lobster Restaurant building offers a fun place to take pictures. While here, you can not only show off good food photos, but also a cozy and cool room design.

Diverse menu choices at Mama Lobster Bali Restaurant

Mama Lobster Restaurant is a heaven for seafood lovers. In this restaurant, you don’t just find extra sized lobster shrimp. There is also a row of other seafood catches, including shrimp, shellfish, squid, baby octopus, or various types of fish. Various sea catches are processed in various types of cuisine.

Mama Lobster Ubud
Mama Lobster Ubud

For example, you can find processed shellfish accompanied by desert seasonings. You can also find baked baby octopus with a chewy texture. Do not miss, you can also taste a row of processed lobster made with seasoning, roasting, and others. The price of food in this restaurant is also quite affordable. For example, grilled shrimp is pegged at Rp. 70 thousand and lobster prawn sauce priced at Rp. 300 thousand.

Mama Lobster Bali Restaurant Location

If you want to taste the seafood culinary row at Mama Lobster Bali, you can stop by the restaurant directly at Jl. A A. Gede Rai, Lodtunduh. The location of this restaurant building is quite easy to reach, because it is close to various popular destinations in Ubud. You can find tourist destinations such as the Agung Rai Museum of Art, Goa Gajah, or the Wenara Wana Tourism Mandala not far from this restaurant.

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