Tapas Tapas

Tapas Tapas Bali Resto, Spanish-style Culinary Dishes

Balitraveldiary.com – As a tourist destination visited by tourists from various countries, Bali offers a very varied dining venue. Here, you can not only find traditional Balinese culinary delights such as duck betutu, lawar, pork roll, and the like. You also have the chance to taste good food from various countries. Well, if you are interested in Spanish cuisine, you can choose Tapas Tapas Bali Resto.

Tapas Tapas
Tapas Tapas

Tapas Tapas Resto is a Spanish-style restaurant founded by the famous My Little Spanish Place which has a chain of Spanish restaurants in various places. When visiting here, you don’t need to worry about the enjoyment of the dish. Wine & Dine Magazine Singapore in 2014, named Tapas Tapas Resto as one of the best Spanish restaurants.

A Cozy and Cool Hangout at Tapas Bali Tapas

Tapas Tapas Resto offers a comfortable and tasty place to eat as a hangout location. My Listtle Spanish Place has designed this concept with a modern concept. The concept of this restaurant is not only as a place to eat. They also arrange the restaurant like a modern bar. Therefore, you will find many tourists who spend a long time relaxing in this place.

From the outside, you will find a unique restaurant building design. Located in the Grand Livio Kuta Hotel Complex, this restaurant tries to look striking. The trick is to place the vines on the outer wall. The same way they do on the inside of the room. With the accompanying Tapas Tapas, the restaurant’s interior is getting more fun.

Meanwhile, the use of seats is nothing special. This restaurant is not a fancy dining place. Therefore, they chose to use wooden seats. This arrangement, makes the atmosphere inside the restaurant quite interesting. Moreover, you can take instagramable photos on a wall area covered with vines.

Menu Options at Tapas Tapas Bali Resto

As a Spanish restaurant, you will of course find a row of matador-style menus. Tapas become the type of food that you will encounter. For those of you who don’t know what tapas is, this food actually doesn’t refer to one type of cuisine. You will find tapas in the form of food served in small portions and commonly used as snacks.

Not only snacks, the restaurant also serves a heavy food menu that can be used for dinner or lunch. The menu favored by visitors while in this place is panceta de cerdo, coca de probadura, huevos rotos con chorizo, and sous vide sticksu ribs. You can eat the menu with a fairly standard price, ranging from Rp 100,000 to Rp 25 thousand.

Tapas Tapas
Tapas Tapas

Tapas Location of Tapas Bali

As mentioned, Tapas Tapas Bali is located in the Grand Livio Hotel complex, precisely in the front of the cafe area. The full address of this Spanish restaurant can be found on Jl. Dewi Sri Number 17, Legian, Kuta, Badung. The location is easy to reach. You can find this restaurant near the Pie Susu Asli Enaak outlet. Guaranteed, it’s not difficult to find the location of this cool restaurant.

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