Kecak Dance

Kecak One of the phenomenal dances from Bali

Balitraveldiary.comBali Province is indeed famous for its diversity of traditional dances. And one of the very famous dances is the Kecak dance. Kecak dance can actually be witnessed by tourists in a number of places in Bali. The most popular performance venue among tourists is the Kecak dance staged every evening in Uluwatu.

Kecak Dance
Kecak Dance

When the sun begins to set. Of course, the beauty of the panoramic sunset is a charming backdrop when around fifty male dancers perform this dance. There were no sounds from the accompanying instruments, instead, the voices of the dancers accompanied their own dances.

Kecak dance was a song that was the result of a combination of sounds that formed a melody. Usually, this song is used to accompany the sanghyang dance which is considered sacred and can only be performed in a temple. It was only around the 1930s that this dance began to be developed by an artist from the village of Bona, Gianyar by incorporating part of the story of the Ramayana story into the form of drama and dance. Since then this dance can be exhibited outdoors as performance art. The part of the Ramayana story that plays in this dance is when Dewi Sprott was kidnapped by Raja Rahwana.

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