Gong Jatiluwih Restaurant

Gong Jatiluwih Restaurant with Mountain Panorama

Balitraveldiary.com – Jatiluwih Village in Bali has long been known as a natural tourist destination with a panoramic view of rice terraces. In fact, the rice fields in this place are known as the UNESCO world civilization heritage. There are many ways you can do to enjoy the panorama, one of which is by dining at Bali Jatiluwih Gong Restaurant.

Gong Jatiluwih Restaurant
Gong Jatiluwih Restaurant

Gong Jatiluwih Bali, since its initial launch was known as an attractive place to eat. While in this place, you not only get views of rice terraces. You can also find a panorama of three mountains that surround the Jatiluwih area. In addition, you can also find varied traditional Balinese menus.

Three Beautiful Mountains and Terraced Rice Fields Become World-Class Panorama at Gong Jatiluwih Restaurant

As already mentioned, you will find views of three mountains while dining at this restaurant. The three mountains in question are Mount Batukaru, Mount Adeng, and Mount Sengayang. The peak of the three mountains, you can enjoy directly from the open area provided by the restaurant.

Furthermore, you will also find that Gong Jatiluwih is a natural restaurant that is so soothing to the heart. You will find that the atmosphere here is very calm, far from the atmosphere of the city crowd. There will be no panorama of tall buildings. Instead, you can find a beautiful panorama of rice terraces.

The natural atmosphere around the restaurant is also supported by the proper design of the building. The manager of Gong Jatiluwih intentionally designed the building with a classic theme. They use the bale bengong style building as a place to dine for the guests. With a bale blank design, you can see the surrounding scenery directly without being blocked by the building walls.

Traditional Balinese and International Menu Options at Gong Jatiluwih

When visiting Gong Jatiluwih, you can find a line of menus that are famous for being delicious. In particular, this place is indeed the right location to enjoy traditional Balinese dishes such as chicken betutu or brown rice tea. In addition, you can also find other delicious menus such as Gong-style fried rice, Gong-style mixed rice, fried noodles, fried chicken, or rendang.

Gong Jatiluwih Restaurant
Gong Jatiluwih Restaurant

Not only that, you can also find western menus if you want to taste more variations of food. Mahi-mahi fish steak, tuna steak, tuna kebab, chicken kebab or tenderloin kebab can be enjoyed at this restaurant. In addition, you can also find the presence of a menu of BBQ ribs, beef or goat, sirloin steak, and others.

Prices set by Gong Jatiluwih Restaurant are quite standard. A row of steak menus, can be obtained with a price tag ranging from Rp80 thousand to Rp180 thousand. Meanwhile, traditional Indonesian culinary can be obtained by spending around Rp. 40 thousand to Rp. 100,000.

Gong Jatiluwih Bali Location

You can find Gong Jatiluwih located in Jatiluwih Village, Penebel, precisely at the address Jl. Jatiluwih awan, Number 88, Tabanan, Bali. The location is not far from the Jatiluwih Village Office. In addition, you can also find Jatiluwih terraces just by walking. Not to forget, there is also Besikalung Waterfall which can be found just a few steps from the restaurant.

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