Villa Batu Jimbar Sanur, Luxurious and Legendary Lodging

Villa Batu Jimbar Sanur, Luxurious and Legendary Lodging – If you are looking for luxurious and comfortable accommodation, there are many choices of places that can be used. However, Villa Batu Jimbar Sanur offers more than just a sense of luxury and comfort. This villa is an extraordinary inn that is known as a favorite place to stay for foreign artists. Rows of famous names such as Mick Jagger, Sting, Yoko Ono, Jerry Hall, and others.

This villa offers an exclusive stay. They only provide as many as 9 villa buildings that can be occupied by guests. Each building offers complete and luxurious facilities. In addition, you will also have direct access to enjoy the beautiful and clean stretch of white sand in Sanur. Plus, this villa offers an exclusive beachfront location in the Sanur area.

Complete and Luxurious Facilities at Villa Batu Jimbar Sanur

You can see the exclusivity of Villa Batu Jembar from the architectural design of the building. Here, you will find a typical Balinese building design that is so thick. The completeness of the facilities provided, makes Villa Batu Jimbar an attractive place to stay for various holiday activities in Bali, including when on vacation with family or a romantic vacation.

The design of this building is made with a roof made of reeds, giving it a traditional feel inside. In addition, you will also find the existence of a building called Lembu Balé. This building is a pavilion with two floors that is deliberately designed to be open. From the second floor of Lembu Balé, you can enjoy a calm atmosphere with beautiful beach views.

Villa Batu Jimbar Sanur, Luxurious and Legendary Lodging
Villa Batu Jimbar Sanur, Luxurious and Legendary Lodging

You can also choose this Villa as a place to do special activities. Moreover, Jerry Hall and his ex-husband, Mick Jagger, got married at Villa Batu Jimbar. Meanwhile, the legendary singer Sting, briefly held a concert during the night at Villa Batu Jimbar. With a myriad of historical moments, it’s no wonder that the name of this villa was later pinned as the name of the beach, Batu Jimbar Beach.

When staying here, you don’t have to worry about being comfortable. Each villa unit is accompanied by a large outdoor swimming pool. The quality of the water in the swimming pool is also considered by the villa manager. In addition, the manager of Villa Batu Jimbar also provides other supporting facilities, in the form of a kitchen area complete with cooking utensils, two beds, and there is also a tennis court.

Location of Villa Batu Jimbar Sanur

Villa Batu Jimbar offers a very special location. You can find magnificent and luxurious buildings from this villa by walking along Sanur Beach. This strategic location makes it easy for guests to carry out various tourist activities. The easiest way to enjoy a vacation while staying at Villa Batu Jimbar, of course, is to spend time visiting Sanur Beach. Here, you can not only do various water sports activities, but also watch the beautiful sunset and sunrise views.

There are several other tourist attractions that you can also visit easily from this villa. The Seminyak area, which offers various types of entertainment, is only 15 km away. Meanwhile, Kuta, which is known as the most popular holiday destination in Bali, is approximately 17 km away. Access to Ngurah Rai Airport is also very easy, you only need to travel about 15 km.

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