West Bali National Park, Get Closer to the Bali Starling Here

West Bali National Park, Get Closer to the Bali Starling Here

Balitraveldiary.com – West Bali National Park deserves to be an option when on vacation to Bali with family. In this place, tourists will be invited to take a closer look at the life of the Bali Starling, which is known as an endemic bird as well as a rare bird on the Island of the Gods.

The existence of this West Bali National Park has been going on for a long time, precisely on March 24, 1911. At that time, the existence of this national park was pioneered by a biologist from Germany named Dr. Baron Stressman. During his visit, the Baron found the Bali Starling which is an endemic animal to the Island of the Gods.

Since then, the existence of this place as a conservation area for endangered animals has grown rapidly. Even the Indonesian government has tried to expand the area of ​​the national park. Currently, the West Bali National Park covers an area of ​​190 square kilometers, including 158 square kilometers of land.

Rare animals that live in the West Bali National Park area are not only the Bali Starling. There is also a row of other rare animals in this national park. Starting from black monkeys, gray monkeys, deer, wild cats, Javanese bulls, deer, or various other rare animals from Indonesia. Not to forget, here there is also the existence of rare flora such as sandalwood trees, sono rivet, sapodilla kecik, and bayur.

West Bali National Park is divided into three zones that have their respective functions. Starting from the core zone used for research sites, the jungle zone that can be entered by tourists and is a support zone for the core zone, and the last one is the intensive use zone, which is specifically intended for tourism activities.

Tourists will also be able to freely explore areas that are included in the intensive use zone. Among them are Prapat Agung, Baungan, Menjangan Island, Klatakan, and Prima Bay. Tourists can do various activities. Starting from bird watching activities, snorkeling, trekking, or diving.

West Bali National Park also consists of various types of habitats. The tourists who are fond of visiting natural attractions will be really satisfied when visiting this place. Especially here, tourists can see the vast expanse of savanna accompanied by the remains of a volcano. Not to forget, here there is also Mount Patas which is the highest point in the national park area.

West Bali National Park Entrance Ticket

The tourists can visit and enjoy all the facilities in this national park with a fairly cheap entrance ticket, you know. For local tourists, an entrance fee of Rp. 20,000.00 per person is charged. Meanwhile, for foreign tourists, there is an entrance ticket of IDR 25,000.00 per person.

Especially for tourists who want to visit Menjangan Island, they must rent a boat as a means of crossing. The boat rental price is IDR 250,000.00 per four hours. As for the place to stay, you can choose in the Gilimanuk Harbor area or around Labuhan Lalang.

West Bali National Park Location

To enter the national park area, there are two entrances that can be passed. The first entrance is located in Gilimanuk which is the gateway to the island of Bali from Java. While the other entrance is in Singaraja.

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